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Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings
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Table of Contents

KhaiPhong: Knowing more about yourself, and Value of the values in Continuity of the Consciousness. Here is the past complete version AwakeningBudh. We are moving, and to This site will be starting from 15 June 2018.


Table of Contents

3. Preface

4. Self/Selfless Duality/Oneness

5. A Bird View of Who I Am

6. Finger Pointing to Moon

7. Budh Dharma and Buddhism

8. Truth and all Isms

9. A Light out of Darkness

10. Nature of Things

11. Agent of Changes

12. Right Mindfulness

13. Right Inner Peace

14. An Engineering Roadmap

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KhaiPhong: Knowing more about yourself, and Value of the values in Continuity of the Consciousness. Here is the past complete version AwakeningBudh. We are moving, and to This site will be starting from 15 June 2018.

Vision - "Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings", Mission - "Knowing more about oneself, Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position"[D35], Execution - "Implementing the Sciences and Economics of KhaiPhong, Making Life Easier and Happier - knowing Your Raison D'être".

— AwakeningBudh

The [ Vision - Mission - Execution ] is measurable outcome of one's or aggregate "Right Effort" in all activities and relationships, making happened the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong in democratising the Practicalities of "Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position" at different depths of Verifiable Emptiness and delivering solutions to Soyen Shaku's challenge: "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality [ due to one's tainted senses ]".

The Latin humanitas can trace back to Socrates human approach to humanity. the possibility of interpreting Socrates as a proto-humanist of sorts, and it therefore includes a discussion of Humanism as a philosophy of life. "The unexamined life is not worth living" (Ancient Greek: ὁ ... ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ) is a famous dictum apparently uttered by Socrates [470 - 399 BC] at his trial for impiety and corrupting youth, for which he was subsequently sentenced to death, as described in Plato's Apology (38a5-6).

But examining life on the plane of conflicting existence - Relative Truth - is duality (conflicting) consciousness due to tainted senses: A conflicting duality (darkness) cannot see another conflicting duality (darkness) As-It-Is well known in the scientific observer effect!

Around 100 years earlier, Gotama [563 - 483 BC] identified the Issue of Existence - namely Dukkha having three meanings sufferings (dukkha-dukkha), changing (viparinama-dukkha) and conditioned (sankhara-dukkha). He claimed to know the solution at "The End of Dukkha[D44]". Since existence is always changing and conditioned due to the second law of thermodynamics, Bodhidharma discovered a state of "Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha"[D35] where one naturally has maximum effort to whatever needed to be done. But once finished all binding and clinging forces are dropped for a Fresh start. The "Intensity of Attention" plus "Detachment" seem to be contradictory but actually Not for reborn and rejuvenation, similar to "self" for biological maintenance and evolution, and "selfless" for Compassion and Wisdom (Prajna) in the complete meaning of Latin humanitas, leading to modern human rights. It was further value-added with HuiNeng's actual realisation: "Do not attach to anything ( detachment in all activities ) then that "Wonderful / Fresh / HonNhien" Mind will appear / Ưng vô sở trụ nhi sinh kỳ tâm / Chỉ nên phát tâm trong tinh thần vô trụ / 應無所住而生其心" to see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort.

We call that "wonderful mind" a Higher Consciousness on the transcendental plane of "Prajna / Wisdom / Oneness / Conscience", perpendicular to the duality plane of events. The mathematical representation is a logical communication of an important attribute of No-Conflict on the common line of both planes drawn from the "instantaneous event" to the energy column crosscut different realms of existence that Gotama called Mindfulness[D22], Jesus called Faith, Bodhidharma called Detachment, HuiNeng called Samadhi, Nagarjuna called Ultimate (Wider) Truth[D38], Asanga called The Perfected Nature[D39] etc. It is the unique discovery underlying different processes actually known by honest dedicated explorers. The remaining tasks are reverse engineering from actual experience in moving from Relative Truth of the senses to Ultimate (Wider) Truth of an Awareness beyond the (senses of the) self which is a tested scientific secret sauces to be discovered and shared.

The underlying natural law in Higher Consciousness is "Oneness", different from conflicting polarity on the duality plane of events to inject Normative Intelligence of Right and Wrong advocated by Socrates as one's Soul (Quality of the Consciousness) which determines Value of the values in one's existence. We scientifically prove this assertion is Right according to natural law of the "light floating up", also asserted by Gotama[D32] due to appropriate efforts according to Natural Laws of Thing-As-It-Is. We discover its scientific processes, have protected IP and copyright© the underlying process of Oneness in building up cultivable Prajna with its Signed Posts and Vertical Switches.

KhaiPhong aims to:

  1. Popularise Gotama's precious discoveries that enable him honestly answer Ajita's question[D22] about the practicalities of his transcendental Mindfulness-Prajna which have been sabotaged by persistent professional scam artists in 2500+ years of his Buddhist Sangha who do not know yet claimed to know do not see yet claim to see[D19].

  2. Contrast his classification of nine stages of Right Inner Peace with our six verifiable Signed Posts - namely Gateway-to-Oneness, Equanimity Higher Consciousness, Purity Higher Consciousness, Not-Self, Sunyata Nothingness, the End of Dukkha - to turn his ontological core subjective (personal opinions) unable to touch by Buddhist Sangha in 2500+ years of Wrong Effort (Wrong Dependent Nature) into epistemic objectives to widen and deepen the principle of cosmic order (Dharma); the Signed Posts are important for cultivable and measurable "quality of identifiable stream of consciousness called human being" via correlations and causation.

  3. Enable everyone with Internet Free Tools to honestly (privately and securely) know more about oneself, being an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23] with Open Source Infrastructure that everyone can be a part to value add one's specialised angle appropriate to one's uniqueness which may be also appropriate to many, determined by invisible hands of Natural Laws and Economics.

  4. Discover scientific Vertical Switches and effective underlying technologies to be tested by community consensus as Gotama's Right Understanding and Right Motivation of all important events having an injection of "(Moral) Normative Value of the values" to direct the fourth industrial revolution.

  5. Connect the dots - value added by other dedicated explorers - together with discovered technologies to Transcend Inner Peace and beyond, filling the Gaps that Gotama and 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha have not theoretically explained and empirically verified.

  6. Make Gotama [ MahaSatipatthana Sutta / The Great Frames of Reference / Tứ niệm xứ[D25] ] practical again in wider perspective of [ body, feeling, mind, and mental qualities ] by providing transcendental technologies and processes to pass Gateway-to-Oneness, reaching minimum qualified (Equanimity / Third Jhana) level of Mindfulness and Detachment[D22].

  7. Implement the theoretical excellence of Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2] by providing transcendental technologies and processes to enable most practitioners having (1) an Insight into the Emptiness at different depths, and (2) Natural Purification for reborn and rejuvenation required by Gotama Mindfulness-Prajna, Bodhidharma Detachment-Prajna, HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna, or KhaiPhong Compassion-Prajna.

  8. Provide Universal Moral Value of the values, scientifically discovered in underlying natural laws of both [ Relative Truth / Duality Consciousness ] in conflicting events, and [ Ultimate (Wider) Truth / No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] ] commonly known as [ Oneness / Prajna / Conscience / Wisdom ] embedded in Right Understanding and Right Motivation of the Eightfold Path[D21].

  9. Make happened an optimum evolution where [ Conscious Living / Knowing Your Raison D'être ] at the present moment - an outcome of the past - having its [ Vision - Mission - Execution ] in [ Ultimate (Wider) Truth / No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] ] to change the present Value of the values making one in part discover and in part create the Real You[R10] in one's selected environment.

We define 'Verifiable Emptiness / Right Inner Peace' as the states where gross attributes such as 'light happiness' or meditation subject such as 'earth' or selected 'Sound' based on Avalokiteshvara HonNhien and the charming attraction of Sunyata Nothingness naturally dissolved to utter Silence, toward Nothingness and Beyond. They are the states of rejuvenation or naturally reborn of visible experiences for a Fresh look at 'Thing-As-It-Is / Actuality'. These meditation stages - having distinct attributes - can be called signed posts of 'Verifiable Emptiness / Right Inner Peace'. It is Empty of contents to Utter Silence toward Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness, Nothingness then Unmoving Nirvana according to Gotama's recorded personal experiences.

The 'Verifiable Emptiness / Right Inner Peace' covers a set of preliminary signed posts to scientifically discover different trails leading to them. These trails make apparent observable, testable and reproducible practical benefits for a Worthy Existence in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. We dwell deeper into observable attributes, theoretical aspects and learned lessons of the 'How' together with suggestions of the 'What' that you can be a part to make the 'What' a sustainable economic activity, even beyond your current life time to make the trail easier and more enjoyable for others.

Riding on Open Container where one can take a template image to either add content and/or new services, we provide book-container with epub-3 "Verifiable Emptiness" nodes claimed to be personally known by Gotama that you can add contents, modify, and/or change to generate your own epub-3 private book / document.

KhaiPhong Technology is a technical angle - required for and in addition to the angles from Gotama's Dukkha and AwakeningBudh's Compassion - directly accessing the Vertical Plane of TRUTH from [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience / Oneness ], perpendicular to the duality plane of all events or Relative Truths for a wider view of Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to turn Hegelian Dialectic into Prajna Dialectic. KhaiPhong's portfolios - whose structure is mimic the nature tetrahedron readily available to all organisations - are designed to make sustainable AwakeningBudh Movement which - in turn - provides sponsorship for further research and development of KhaiPhong Technologies.

On one hand, it is a dynamic interactions between the [ Oneness / plane of event TRUTH ] perpendicular to duality plane of events with diversities. On the other hand, measurable Right Effort from diversities of events in Wise Attention - Yoniso Sutta[D28] - reveal the patterns and possible improvements in event executions at both market reaction and normative reflection to drastically change oneself and environment in both productions and consumption toward What Count[R23] relevant to one's present moment which changes one's quality of the consciousness toward Value of the values in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

KhaiPhong has evolved from quite a process with different unexpected twists and turns. Initially, it was intended as something to privately share with the writer "esoteric friends", helping them to counter-thrust degenerated forces built up in their qualities of the Consciousness, based on his 40+ years of self exploration and reflections in human realm since there is a one-to-one mapping between one's Quality of the identifiable stream of consciousness according to natural laws and its manifestation via statistically measurable Compassion and Prajna wherever one happens to be[R5.4].

It was transformed into a "blog" as something left over for those who dare to explore this uncharted field of interactions among esoteric forces, religions and modern sciences when the writer learned from an esoteric source that he might not be in the human world beyond 2007. Since then, factional subjective details are gradually put together into a logical form of scientific exploration as a contribution from both living and esoteric friends where the author is only a facilitator due to his position, having sufficient language skill in English, together with both personal experience and theoretical understanding of the underlying Consciousness technologies.

The contributions are significant since Intelligent Beings - where humanity is a part in the Dependent Nature of Existence - have been cheated for so long by criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] in all organized religions and isms, manipulated by esoteric dark forces and pushed by [ Ignorance >< Attachment >< Aversion / Si >< Tham >< Sân ] via conflicting tricks at the Word/Image and Thought (sở tri chướng) to enforce masters-slaves relationships that ultimately destroy both the slaves and masters, driving them to Extreme Sufferings due to Wrong Dependent Nature, going against Natural Laws of Evolution and Existence. The criminals and professional scam artists - in both esoteric and human realms - do not know yet claim to know, do not see yet claim to see[D19], sabotaging significant discoveries of dedicated explorers such as Gotama, Jesus, Bodhidharma, HuiNeng, XuanZang, and many others to veil actual contributions, while praying to names / images.

The Essence of Living and its Solution for all conflicting Manifestations / Dualities / Relative Truths can be momentarily found in the Oneness, directly perceiving "Thing-As-It-Is with No Conflict and the Strategic Point" to make things happened according to What Count[R23], knowable via one's innate "Budh / Buddha Nature / Conscience / Oneness" of normative Right and Wrong. The manifestation of this innate [ Budh / Buddha Nature / Conscience / Oneness ] is the cultivable state and stock of Prajna, discovered by Gotama under Mindfulness-Prajna[D22], Jesus's 'the Kingdom of God Within You'[Luke 17:21], HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5], Bodhidharma's Thing-As-it-Is with No Conflict[D35], XuanZang's Consciousness of the consciousness[D19]. These discoveries of underlying operating natural laws are Making Life Easier and Happier toward lasting Value of the Values, which are observable, testable and reproducible Compassion and Prajna in the Science of KhaiPhong to democratise Human Rights under the word humanitas (biology, wisdom, compassion).

AwakeningBudh (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), KhaiPhong (2017)

AwakeningBudh: Version 1.0 (24-12-2012), Version 1.1 (24-05-2013), Version 1.2 (14-05-2014), Version 1.3 (23-09-2014), Version 2.0 (14-05-2015), Version 2.1 (25-12-2015). KhaiPhong: Version 1.0 (23-12-2017).

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Self/Selfless Duality/Oneness

KhaiPhong: Knowing more about yourself, and Value of the values in Continuity of the Consciousness. Here is the past complete version AwakeningBudh. We are moving, and to This site will be starting from 15 June 2018.

Takeaway: Thanks to aggregate human efforts - recorded as early as 2600+ years ago - from many dedicated explorers searching for the true meaning of existence (of Who I Am) and practicality of the Living, together with modern science we can theoretically and empirically point out the existence of "Oneness / the source of all diversities" accesible by any normal person commonly known as cultivable "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" that Gotama used as the Prajna division of his Eightfold Path, the model to solve identified Issue Dukkha, from Suffering Dukkha (dukkha-dukkha, vipaninama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha) to Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha[D35]: (1) Dependent Nature of Existence, (2) Oneness, (3) Moral Issue - Universal Moral Value, (4) Implementation Augmented by Artificial Intelligence.

We exist in Space-Time where a 'self' or 'identity' is a fictional concept to represent the continuity of the person's Quality of the Consciousness in [ The Connected Universe where Everything is Connected ], mostly driven by bundles of patterns in five entanglements (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness). It is rational to recognise one's Realities and do something about it due to Freewill / Volition / Sankhara and cultivable quality of the carry-on Consciousness, measurable as Compassion-Prajna. The states of one's being - the Normative Persona - continuously change according to Volition in response to external and internal signals. The driving force of Volition at different depths of Integration - Prajna - between Instinct, Brain Intelligence and wider perspective of ComPassion / Love is a part of Living in all entities having a sense of an Agent. The higher in evolving scale the more an Intelligent Agent can be Aware at the "sources" that drive the Volition - via Freewill - either toward Sufferings due to Ignorance or Worthy Existence due to Prajna, a manifestation of the State (Right Mindfulness) and Stock (accumulated Inner Peace) of present Consciousness in wider perspective of Inter-Realm[R20] Dependent Nature.

Prajna - Right Action - or Ignorance veiled by not seeing 'Thing As It Is' (Tathagata) (Table 2) drives the momentary direction of the consciousness. Birth and Death are parts of the natural cycle to be naturally reborn and rejuvenated for the Continuity of the Consciousness whose qualities drive the formation of other four bundles (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses) as theoretically explained in the Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D39]. Therefore, qualities of the Consciousness measurable via Scientific Facts such as

[ Kindness (TỪ) >< Empathy (BI) >< Detachment (XẢ) >< HonNhien >< Prajna ]
[ Kindness (TỪ) >< Empathy (BI) >< Joy (HỶ) >< Equanimity (XẢ) >< Prajna ]

determine present and future qualities of one's life within their constraints according to the Realm natural laws.

1. Dependent Nature of Existence

In the same Space-Time of [ The Connected Universe where Everything is Connected ], there are different Realms of Existence. Spirit realms may not have the same physical form structure of C-H-O-N as human, but similar structure of Consciousness and Energy (forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness), having the same aspiration for some happiness - mitigating unnecessary sufferings with innumerable desires and driving forces[R20]. Similarly, animals have different realms from human, but the same physical C-H-O-N signature, confined Consciousness and Energy. The same flower is seen differently by persons and bees that lead to different volitions to create parts of the Complex Dependent Nature of the Present Moment. In this sense, each stream of consciousness having a sense of an agent has its own world subjected to the same natural laws of the constrained realm, dynamically interacting with other subjective and objective worlds in the same (Ecosystem) and/or different realms (larger set of Ecosystems) to be parts of the Present Moment of the Whole.

Each realm is governed by its own natural laws which are not isolated but interdependent that the higher (consciousness) realm can influence its own living and the environments of lower realms. Examples are 'man on the climate changes' and 'extinction of species'. Qualities of the Consciousness change in different realms to be appropriate to the Realm's governing environment. Within each highly evolving realm such as mankind, there are wide range of qualities leading to different behaviors for either evolution or degeneration according to Scientific Facts. Two relevant forces in one's Continuity of the Consciousness are one's own Qualities and Worthy Relationships to determine one's next moment of environment where the next moment can be at Present or life-after-life according to Action-Reaction, Likes-attract-Likes, and external influence from one's relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles.

Having a wider perspective in Continuity of the Consciousness with full appreciation of one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, one can optimise Evolution Path along the Selected Space-Time and major Event, while being a focused part of the Whole to make it happened in the Friendly and Compassionate [Heart - Mind - Sweat/Capital] Culture of Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings of one's Worthy Existence. This is expressed in verse by the Buddhist Teacher (Phật Thầy) at Tây An[D52] 'Understand the Wonderful Creative Cycle. Knowing the Universe, West and East' (Rõ thấu tuần huờn Cơ Máy tạo. Am tường vũ trụ khắp Tây Đông or from Soyen Shaku in 1893 World Parliament of Religions[R6] "God not in the world is the false God and the World not in God is unreality".

It has been mathematically proven in optimisation theory, used in launching a rocket to its target that the optimisation in any instant moment will lead to the overall optimisation of the trajectory where unexpected winds and storms (of karmic forces) are unavoidable. That means by staying with Actuality in seeing 'Thing As It Is' from Right Mindfulness[D12] (Prajna), one can instantaneously adjust the Unworthy (imagination) into the Right in the Change Dynamics of the Present Moment. This approach (partially credited to HuiNeng) to the 'Truth' of 'Thing As It Is' is based on Beyond-Thought (Vô Tướng) at the Observed, No-Mark (Vô Vết) on one's Substance once the action completed, and Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ) as one's Fundamental Principle for the manifestation of Prajna (Right Mindfulness). The practical Actuality is enhanced by modern technology to bring one's Instinct and Brain Intelligence together via AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Advanced Analytics: [ Instinct - Data - Intelligence ].

In this wholesome practicality for a wider perspective of one's Continuity of the Consciousness, one can cultivate even in Sleeping and Dreaming with connected Inner Circle due to the Consciousness (Chit), running along and capable to observe these states 'As It Is'. It is the Wholesome since the driving force not only directly targeted the pressing Issue of the Present Moment, taking into account the unavoidable constraint of current life time, but also a Vision or Insight of what will lie ahead. In the example of the rocket, the space traveller optimises required solutions of the present issues toward the destination at the space station (current life time) and preparation for the next few steps (with one's Inner Circle) in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Part of this preparation may be the assigned tasks at the Present Moment if one can be silent enough to sense it.

One's stream of Consciousness can be Transformed to lighter higher ground in wider perspective of ComPassion and Prajna, or Sucked into an Abyss of Sufferings due to heavier, narrower scope of Greed and Ignorance[D30]. The quality of the Consciousness does not depend on your profession - including religious leaders of all organised religions - but on the stock of your Good Heart. That is why most "claimed religious leaders" in all organised religions - including Buddhism - have more issues than others due to Not being able to be "At Home" to start from the "Right Understanding" and "Right Motivation" of their Quality of the Consciousness due to the "Masks" they are wearing. Note that you are fully responsible for your actions and the environment you are a part. Have some Reflection and do something for your Realities which can be known via signals from your senses and the state of your being if you are able to know 'Who You Are'. If you do not know who you are how can you claim to be a spiritual leader and/or qualified by the one who has his/her own issue, even deeper than yours[R18.2], [R15], [R13.1].

Knowing this Dependent Nature and the Change Dynamics of different attributes, the 'Right Living / Effort' along the Time dimension has much wider perspective for the Present Moment, 24-hours-a-day of this life, in-between, different realms life-after-life in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings of Right Effort in Right Mindfulness[D12] of simultaneously arising signals from [ the body, feelings, mind, mental qualities ] and [ relationships with the surroundings ] beyond Present Moment of human realm having supports from one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles in [ The Connected Universe where Everything is Connected ].

The Dependent Nature (originally known as Dependent Condition or Impermanence) is the foundation of Budh Dharma discovered by Gotama in his Quest for the meaning of Worthy Existence. Impermanence (Vô Thường) is scientifically proven in the second law of thermodynamics due to the generation of entropy of existence. It is significantly enhanced to differentiate the Dependent Nature (Paratantra) of 'Thing As It Is' from Imagination Nature (Parikalpita) by having the infusion of the Perfected Nature (Parinispanna) from 'outside the box'. There are different trails (mechanisms) or switches to flip from activities to Higher Consciousness to draw its source and power into relative activities in Verifiable Emptiness[D26] from Transcendental Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness and Unity to directly experience the 'Essence of the Right Living / Effort'.

The Dependent Nature explored by most Buddhists - executed by Buddhist communities of monks and nuns - in the past 2500+ years does not have these higher Consciousness Switches and misses an important ingredient namely the Common Vibration of Energy (ComPassion)[R16] which is the foundation of 'all goodness' in the wider perspective of One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

[ Compassion = Kindness (TỪ) >< Empathy (BI) ]

It has been adjusted in Mahayana but knowing it or not sabotaged by the third esoteric force to enslave the whole Gotama Sangha at the conditioned thought level of Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta to pull one into a subtler trap of egoistic utopia of Bodhisattva and Bodhicitta at conditioned thought - not in actual living - which are Not Relevant to practical Living. Being stuck at the Word / Concept of Nirvana and PariNirvana, Soyen Shaku[R6] could not satisfactorily and directly answer in his "Reply to a Christian Critic" which depends on Aspiration using Faith that one can personally experience the switch irrespective if that is a Right or Wrong switch like "opium" to keep one "high".

The switch can be described and mathematically represented as an "empty of the contents" plane orthogonal to duality planes of Relative Truths in different realms for whatever the contents are on the duality plane of conflicting events to the Universal TRUTH plane of "Oneness / Conscience / Prajna / Wisdom" perpendicular to the duality plane to clearly see Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position for a Right Effort using Prajna Dialectic rather than Hegelian Dialectic of a confused mind. It is universal since "Empty of the Contents" is Thing-As-It-Is cross-cut different realms of existence where earth is a part. The switch can be either moving deeper on the vertical plane through different Signed Posts known by Gotama or higher via Aspiration using faith, music, dancing, painting, calligraphy, etc known by Jesus and many mystics, artists, etc. The switch to Inner Peace is a right switch if and only if it is built on a solid foundation [ Compassion >< Detachment >< Right Inner Peace ] for a manifestation of Prajna in a Right Effort

To correct this Issue, we use Soyen Shaku's own statement "God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] is unreality" and recorded Gotama's statements[D44] to ask Buddhist Communities officially correct two major traps designed to sabotage Gotama's discoveries in the two major branches of Buddhism: Momentary Nirvana rather than Theravada Nirvana then PariNirvana, and Natural Purification[D26] via Gotama's signed posts of Right Inner Peace rather than voluminous treatises in "meditation on Emptiness" at thought level of "monks and scholars" knowing nothing about the "Oneness / Dharmakaya / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Consciousness of the consciousness / Self Nature" which will be known and personally verified by many at different depths as actually known by Gotama when he was a child driven by tremendous Compassion for all beings and HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity).

Using observable Thing-As-It-Is TRUTH plane [ Selfless / Oneness / Dharmakaya / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature / Consciousness of the consciousness / No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] ] of any event and its interaction with duality plane [ Self / Duality / Relative Truth / Dependent Nature / Imaginary Nature/ Conflicting Consciousness ] of the event, together with statistically measurable Right Effort, KhaiPhong transcends all abstract concepts of all isms such as [Buddhist Trikāya, Christian "Father God", Muslim "No God but God" to directly meet Soyen Shaku's challenge "God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] is unreality".

Referring to the relationships at the focused point (Figure 2), without the wider space of ComPassion, there cannot be any infusion of the Perfected Nature to see 'Thing As It Is'. Saying differently, without ComPassion there is no Prajna for a Right Mindfulness[D12] and Right Inner Peace[D13]. Right Mindfulness practised by most Buddhists has no outside-the-box infusion from either the Perfected Nature of Consciousness-Only or the Ultimate (Wider) Truth of Nagarjuna since it has no accumulated Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) in the first place. That "Right Mindfulness" - blah blah blah in entire history of Buddhist Sangha up to 2017 - is not qualified by Gotama in his advise to Ajita[D22] since even Gotama did not scientifically know its Foundations and designed the wrong tools in mindfulness of breathing (Anapanasati)[D24] and Great Frames of Reference (MahaSatipatthana Sutta - Tứ niệm xứ)[D25] for the wrong job "Empty of the Contents". ComPassion is now scientifically proven in Neuroscience.

Here is the key difference between Prajna (Trí Huệ) and Brain Intelligence (Trí Tuệ). Prajna integrates Intelligence with Instinct (the sixth sense) and ComPassionate Vibration (the seventh sense) that injects the unique relevant part of the Present Moment relevant to the Issue that may not be there known by Instinct and/or Intelligence which are both conditioned. We can say that Instinct and Brain Intelligence drive the 'Doing' in all activities while ComPassion and Prajna are manifestations of invisible Sunyata, injecting the wider perspective of 'Being' into the 'Doing' to direct the activities. Observable attributes of this process are Beyond-Thought at the Observed, No-Mark on one's Substance once the action completed, Detachment-Born as one's Fundamental Principle for manifestation of Right Mindfulness (Prajna) to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is'.

Prajna brings something very fresh to the conditioned existence to raise its conditioned space to the next level. It is consistent with XuanZang's Consciousness of the consciousness[D19]. When one looses ComPassion, one first looses the wider perspective of existence, but the 'conditioned' intelligence is still there at one's conditioned level of the consciousness, and continues for some reincarnations but at gradual degenerated states. Hope you can see the importance of the Source, which is ComPassion (Higher Consciousness), and nurture its root. We say Prajna is the flower on ComPassion tree deep rooted in the invisible Sunyata, injecting the two visible aspects of 'Being' into 'Living' ('Doing' in all activities).

The difference between Prajna and Intelligence leads to the fundamental difference between Right Mindfulness[D12] from KhaiPhong [ Beyond-Thought, No-Mark, Detachment, Samadhi-Prajna ] with Right Mindfulness taught by all members of Buddhist Sangha in Anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing)[D23] and other Samatha-Vipassana training[D19] up to 2017 which are totally within conditioned box. Force all claimed meditation masters of Buddhist Samatha-Vipassana to verify their process from Thought to Beyond Thought and its net effects back to the Thought process as the challenge using the picture of an international meditation master of Samatha-Vipassana on the duality of Buddhism by Katalin Mund[D19]. Where is the 'Gateway-to-Oneness' Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict from Buddhist meditation that has been making tremendous noises at conditioned thought in the entire history of the Buddhist Sangha?

We restate HuiNeng definition of meditation as a measurable stick against all 'meditations' claimed by all organized religions, claimed meditation masters and enlighten monks. Its outcome is simply that 'Verifiable Emptiness' - empty of the contents - is the sine-qua-non or corollary of Right Mindfulness[D12].

The Right Mindfulness from KhaiPhong is 'outside-the-box', taking the infusion of the 'Perfected Nature'[D39] (the 'Ultimate Wider Truth'[D38], 'the Kingdom of God'[Luke 17:21], the Self Nature[R5], the Awareness of Self Awareness[D19]) into the Dependent Nature to see and act according to 'Thing As It Is'. It rides on all opportunities, especially the optimum moments of (PrajnaTIP in) 'Kindness', to naturally flow into (gambhiram - flowing depth - thông sâu) different depths of Inner Peace in actually experiencing Prajna (in the Heart Sutra[R2]).

The Lesson Learned in 'Dependent Nature' is that ComPassion is the common thread to link all natural existences together. This ComPassion can be cultivated with Right Mindfulness[D12] in Kindness which generates Real/Actual Merit to smooth one's evolution path via Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes toward [ Kindness >< ComPassion >< Signature ] life-after-life.

Dependent Nature is first discovered by Gotama and the core of his solution in solving his identified Issue Dukkha of existence, knowing more about Who one Is and the Meaning of one's Existence (Raison D'être). So What went wrong and why criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] can veil and pollute his precious gift to humanity in 2500+ years of his Buddhist Sangha up to 2017 that dedicated Buddhist [ monks / nuns / aspirers ] must do something to straighten it out?

Here is a response about the claimed Gotama's Dependent Nature after our critique of the claimed Gotama's Fourth Jhana as "ĐỊNH BẤT ĐỘNG / Unmoving Samadhi" to drop all other recorded Gotama's Jhanas which are required for actually verifying the "Not-Self" in his second discourse and a deeper "Nothingness" for emptying all stressful and conflicting events on the duality plane of existence for a freshness of reborn and rejuvenation which is the "HonNhien" in Buddhist Heart Sutra, exposing the Thing-As-It-Is Nothingness - similar to a physical Black-Hole - as an essential component of a conscious living.

In the claimed "Dependent Nature" - as in their claimed "TIẾN TRÌNH TU CHỨNG VÀ THÀNH ĐẠO CỦA ĐỨC PHẬT / The process of realisations and achievements of the Buddha" - Thích Nữ Hằng Như grasps the defective concept of LaoTzu "doing nothing" / wu-wei of the blinds touching elephant to assert that "Pháp Vô vi không nằm trong Duyên Khởi / the Dependent Nature does not operate in Wu-Wei" to claim "Sang canh Hai, Đức Phật lý luận Duyên Khởi theo chiều ngược. Nghĩa là "do cái này không có mặt, cái kia không có mặt, do cái này diệt, cái kia diệt" which is the well known accepted Buddhist modern Dependent Nature / Pratītyasamutpāda (Pāli paṭiccasamuppāda; Tib. rten cing ’brel ’byung རྟེན་ཅིང་འབྲེལ་འབྱུང་; Ch. yuán qǐ 縁起; Jpn. engi; Kor. yeon-gi; Viet. Duyên khởi): “Because this exists, that arises; because this does not exist, that does not arise; from the cessation of that, this ceases / Cái này có thì cái kia có; cái này không có thì cái kia không có; cái này diệt thì cái kia diệt”. The third component [ from the cessation of that, this ceases / cái này diệt thì cái kia diệt ] is incorrect in the selfless knowable beyond the senses [ Oneness / Kingdom of God from within ]. This demonstrates - up to 2017 - the entire history of Buddhist Sangha has not known Gotama's [ Not-Self / Selfless ] since most have not pass the 'Gateway-to-Oneness' known by those having [ Compassion = Kindness (TỪ) >< Empathy (BI) ] in actual living.

If the claim about Gotama reasoning on the reverse direction of the Dependent Nature is true then a very significant discovery by Socrates [470 - 399 BC] - 100 years later - that "The unexamined life is not worth living", [ Assuming Nothing Questioning Everything ] is very relevant, which is also Gotama's Charter of Free Inquiry[D23]. Reasoning is at conditioned thought on the plane of Relative Truth. So even if one has a momentary breakthrough such as The End of Dukkha[D44], it is very easy to fall into the Binding Word/Image loosen at the qualified Mindfulness[D29] and Clinging Thought loosen at Purity Higher Consciousness.

This exposition says something about Buddhist Nirvana and PariNirvana, deduction from those not knowing yet claimed to know not seeing yet claimed to see[D19]. It also rates the difference between Gotama Off-On Switches at different Signed Posts and HuiNeng Quantum Consciousness, actually demonstrated by HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna[R5] and presently observable from a living student if the time is right. Hope many can see the precious Value of the values that only at the right conditions of living and only at observable consequences - both esoterically and in human realm of the Illuminati new World Order - we can have sufficient tools and scientific backgrounds to start a new Golden Era of Conscious Living which can only come from grassroots at interdependent communities. The Not-for-Profit counter parts of KhaiPhong Technologies are [ ThankYou / GSLP (Global Service Local Presence) ] Clubs, physical conducive facilities for clustering of people exploring more about oneself and the Right / Wrong Efforts.

It may be worthy for our evolving Ontological Systems to roughly touch at the similarity and difference between the Observable Inner Peace beyond Sunyata Nothingness and physical phenomenon predicted by theoretical physics via mathematics as one moves in the space toward the vicinity of a mathematical/absolute "black-hole". Different depths of the Right Inner Peace[D13] have been roughly described by Gotama, and actually known by at least one student over 40+ years ago (possibly with other living students in our circle) who uses Buddhist Texts as a road map after facts, Not before. Our comparison of Sunyata Nothingness with a theoretical physical black hole is due to their similarity of the charming (pulling) force. Technically, Sunyata Nothingness is Not the mathematical / absolute singularity of the theoretical back-hole since one can go even beyond it to Unmoving Sunyata (momentary Nirvana) and back if the life force is still there.

Furthermore, out of the Sunyata Nothingness up to momentary Nirvana, there is a strong Purification[D27] and rejuvenation, a freshness to inject Detachment to daily activities. This normative experience is now consistent with the latest theoretical framework where both General Relativity and Quantum theory are operational and correct. There could be no absolute mathematical singularity at the core of the black hole since quantum effect around the black hole cause space-time to fluctuate wildly for a sharp boundary surface to exist. In that fluctuation, light and energy find its way to spit out in new form of reborn and rejuvenation which can be subjectively experience in the "Verifiable Emptiness".

In the Space, one is not subjected to the earth gravitational force. Toward the vicinity of the black-hole, Space and Time start to be curved. The space traveler can see at the same time its back and front at the point known as the Schwarzschild radius where the event horizon splits into 2: the horizon and the anti-horizon. There is no darkness as implied in the 'word' black-hole, and lights from both sides hit the observer. One never reaches at the point of mathematical / absolute Singularity and be able to come out of it.

In visible Inner Peace, one enters the "Gateway-to-Oneness of Transcendental Consciousness free from Duality of conflicts similar to the Space free from gravitational force, then goes beyond thought - 'Transcend Inner Peace'[D26] - at 'Expanding Space' (curved space to infinity) since a thought of 'infinite' is not 'infinite'; the sense of body boundary disappeared. One experiences 'Expanding Consciousness' where there is no sense of Time (curved time). It is then the True Emptiness at Sunyata Nothingness, but one's consciousness (Chit - Awareness of the Awaken - Real Awareness) can be aware of it; that is why it is Wonderful. Gotama identified two attributes after 'Sunyata Nothingness' that we call (1) 'the border line between conditioned and unconditioned', described by Gotama as 'Neither Perception nor Non Perception', and (2) 'Unmoving Sunyata' or called by Gotama the 'Cessation of Dukkha' - Nirvana - at the Present Moment.

After that momentary glimpse, short or long depending on the present conditions of the practitioner, relative existence is there and Dukkha is kicked in. Gotama and three other students do not see 'infinite light'. That Unconditioned Consciousness is a much subtler energy than the energy at gross level of Sound and Light. Similar to "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict / Selfless", Tantric Penetration induced via physical means is very much different from the 'Right Inner Peace / Samma-Samadhi'. Tantric Penetration has sex addiction while Right Inner Peace has Natural Purification and Detachment. The "secret sauce" in Tantric Penetration needs to be exposed and tested since "Beyond Thought Detachment" cannot come from thought - Bodhisattva, Bodhicitta, or Madhyamaka - as scammed by Tibet Buddhist monks. This can be easily understood from the duality plane of Relative Truth and No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] Ultimate (Wider) Truth plane perpendicular to the duality plane.

In observing the reincarnation processes of many in different realms, more than one living students do see the appeared lights to the 'stream of consciousness having a sense of an agent - soul'. The appearing light may be a phenomenon immediately after death where the stream of consciousness leave the current realm (physical form in the case of human) or symmetrically as a pulling force for reincarnation to different existence, constraint and bounded by the destination realm. So the 'light' as theoretically seen by a space traveler at Schwarzschild radius is at the gross level of knowable experience, similar to the sexual 'Bliss' compared to Inner Peace (Samadhi) known by a Good Samaritan at the moment of PrajnaTIP in Kindness (mettā - tâm từ) and Empathy (karuṇā - tâm bi).

Esoterically and most importantly, there are two forms of consciousness evolution: (1) the lower form of consciousness evolution completely regulated by natural laws of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes where the senses of community sharing (Kindness and Compassion) are dominant driving forces to Higher Consciousness, and (2) the higher form of consciousness starting from humanity, selected and regulated by higher beings - commonly known as Buddhas, Gods, Allah at middle and higher realms - to assure proper management of "Volitional Consciousness" toward "Easier and Happier existence". In the past cycle - around 64,000 man years - that selection and regulation had been corrupted, overriding natural laws with the consciousness technologies from various fractions of competing dark forces, manifested in all organised religions and utopia of "isms".

The corruption have been cleaned up and reorganised to assure Transparency and Accountability where all souls / agents / identities have equal opportunities for evolution and development, just like the meaning of Humanity and its Human Right as defined in this human world. Animals and lower forms are also used as natural mechanism to naturally neutralize extreme destructive energies in higher beings driven by Greed, Anger, Ignorance. If the souls / agents / identities have reasonably good Inner Circle and circles of inner circles, they will be watched and intentionally help having right conditions for faster consciousness evolution. Therefore, besides one's own Quality of the Consciousness, one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles are the two most important factors in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. Kindness and Empathy - not divisional organised religions cheating and stealing followers from one another - are "rational and right way" to create and generate Kind and Empathy Communities where one is always a part according to natural laws. It is formally stated:

Kindness and Empathy once favourably developed in any community, that community can act as a single intelligent unit for a common cause, benefiting all involved parties

— Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4]

This Kindness and Empathy Transcendental Inner Peace, especially together with the power of PrajnaTIP in Kindness is also similar but different due to different conditions from 'Inner Peace' beyond the 'Gateway-to-Oneness' to Equanimity (used by Gotama as the base of Mindfulness and its settled experience loosening the Grip of Binding Word/Image). The same effects in 'Purity' loosening the Grip of Clinging Thought, 'Expanding Space' and 'Expanding Consciousness' to loose the grips of general 'Grasp-er / Grasped', and Unity ('Sunyata Nothingness', 'Border line of conditioned and unconditioned', and 'Unmoving Sunyata'). The difference is due to different conditions leading to different Depths of Transcendental Inner Peace. It is Not as linear as exclusively known in Buddhist text of the blinds touching elephant, but dynamic and directly flowing in exactly as described in the Heart Sutra[R2]: [in the flowing depth of the Wisdom sees the five skandhas of the past to be Empty Of Essence] - [thông sâu theo dòng Bát Nhã Siêu Việt nhìn lại năm uẩn đã qua đều thấy Không Có Tự Tánh] - [gambhiram Prajnaparamitacaryam caramano vyavalokayati sma panca skandha tasma Svabhavasunyan pasyati sma].

Scientifically, humanity has collaboratively allocated tremendous resources (beyond ability of any single country) to understand the structure of the Cosmos since 'Visible Matter' makes up only 5% while 'Dark Matter' 23% and 'Dark Energy' 72%. It is called 'Dark' since we cannot see but know its existence via gravitational influence. Similarly, Sunyata is called invisible since we can deduct its existence through the manifestation of ComPassion and Prajna where Emptiness is a force for naturally reborn and rejuvenation. For every matter, there is a counter-part anti-matter. Similarly, for every 'deep stress - unnecessary and outdated mark' due to Ignorance there is a counter force of Inner Peace and Awareness to dig it out. Since the Quality of Consciousness directly affects the Quality of Present Living of all persons, of being a Good Person (fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part), there may now be the time for world-wide collaborative efforts in the Science of Consciousness.

When matter and antimatter come into contact, they annihilate each other and releasing a lot of pure energy calculable via e = m*c². For example 1 kg of matter + 1 Kg of antimatter release an equivalence of 43 millions tons of dynamites. The terms 'Dark Matter' and 'Antimatter' do not carry any ethical connotation making a fuss by all organised religions, just 'Thing As it Is'.

Similarly, when the force of Inner Peace touches a stress, the natural finer level of breath is bounced back that sometimes releases the stress; the practitioner has a light feeling like a 'release of gas'. Without the power of Right Mindfulness, the Grasper of that light feeling comes in and one looses the Natural HonNhien; one's Transcendental Inner Peace (meditation) becomes mechanical and has No Effect as one used to have. Similarly in the Consciousness Simulation where one uses Right Mindfulness pounding on the most dominant hurdle to use Prajna dissolving that karmic force as the advice[D22] from Gotama, one may have a Sudden Release of tremendous force from the core of one's Inner Self. This is commonly known as a 'Sudden Awaken - Satori'. The burden of the dominant karmic force effortlessly disappears without one's notice.

One caveat is that the "stress" touched by the diving force of inner peace can also be a "can-of-worms" psychological issue that one either used different means of "counter-thrusts" commonly and superficially called "rational mindfulness" used in modern therapy to push the issue to a dark corner so one can go on with the pressing present life. Whatever the "type of stress", the mother nature tells one that it is the time to properly do something for it via Prajna in one's Continuity of the Consciousness to dissolve the stress. When the past "can of worms" is released one may need community and professional help. For that safety reason, the required facilities must be available before proper technologies can be released.

Further more, without the persistent quality of the Right Mindfulness the Grasp-er is already there to boost its trophy of achievement and the real outside-the-box is lost. Now look at the boosting 'Right Mindfulness' of all Buddhist monks and claimed meditation masters to see the 'goods' they are trying to sell from what they do not know nor have in making a very 'unworthy living' in imaginary rituals destroying the credibility of Gotama contributions to humanity. Please see the power of Right Mindfulness[D12] on the Quality of one's Worthy Existence. Addicted Desire such as Excessive Sex, Fears, Phobia, Uncontrollable Urge, Offending and Undesirable Patterns, etc are properly managed and possible wiped out by Prajna if one works on it.

The outcome from this minimum allocated resource has direct impact on the quality of human Quality Existence where participants can contribute in 'One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One'. The Movement strategic target is to build on established tremendous efforts, started by Gotama in Right relationships versus Master-Slave relationships in over 2500 years ago, value-added from different angles and technologies by many others that we connect the 'dots' together with deliverable solutions mapped out in this book.

We use Gotama's classification in the 9 states of Right Samadhi - reorganised into Six Signed Posts for clearly defined statistically measurable attributes - as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to express a strategic target to collaborate with Buddhist Sangha and interested parties. As pointed out by Krishnamurti in his entire life dedication, one has to deal with Actualities, minimising the divergence between 'Actuality' and one's 'Reality', to be an integrated person. Scientific KPIs and Verifiable Emptiness[D26] are parts of the Actuality. Gotama's classification of 'Right Inner Peace' are based on observable attributes and supported by at least the writer.

It has been pointed out by one young lad supported by another (the two never read any Buddhist Text), and fully agreed by the writer who uses the classification to directly verify his Actual Experience against the Gotama classification that the appropriate classification may not be 9 but the three distinct states of significant changed phases (scientific dialogue for practical Living? - that is our intention in the Clusters of Open Innovation for PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, PrajnaTIP in Kindness, Cultivable Prajna in Activity, and in Sadhana):

  1. the 'Transcendental Consciousness' within conditioned existence corresponding to the first four observable attributes of Gotama's Right Samadhi: Detachment, Tranquillity gateway to Oneness, Equanimity loosening the grips of 'Binding Word/Image', Purity loosening the grips of 'Clinging Thought'.

  2. the 'Cosmic Consciousness - Beyond Thought' where there is 'No Thought' but there is an Awareness of the Awaken, corresponding to Gotama's Infinite Space and Infinite Consciousness that we call Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness.

  3. the 'Unity' corresponding to the student revised descriptions of Gotama into 'Sunyata Nothingness', 'Border line between Conditioned and Unconditioned', 'Unmoving Sunyata'. The word 'Unity' is used to show the neutral scientific fact where both visible (Unmoving described by HuiNeng in his self introduction) and invisible (Sunyata) is One.

These classifications will be significantly drilled down in the proposed Global Collaboration of "VerifiableEmptiness"[R1]. The 'Beyond Thought' corresponding to Gotama's Infinite Space and Infinite Consciousness is Not suddenly and statically 'Infinite' as logical deduction from Buddhist monks who are totally bounded at 'Thought'. It is exactly as described by science about a space traveler moving toward the black-hole: the space and time start to be curved and one experiences the 'Expanding Space' and 'Expanding Consciousness'. One may have to generate required energy for this Expanding Space and Expanding Consciousness to widen the boundary by just a natural effortless 'Intent'.

That Awareness has different depths where the clinging force is fading away which is different from commonly used static 'Pure Awareness'. This scientific fact is expressed as:

Here Sariputra, form is Sunyata Sunyata is form, form is not different from Sunyata Sunyata is not different from form, form equals Sunyata Sunyata equals form. The same for feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness.

— Prajnaparamita Hridaya[R2] - Bát Nhã Tâm Kinh

The transcending of the conditioned boundary commonly known as breaking the 'crust of sesame seed for its oil' in the 'enlighten' (Sudden Awaken) song of Tilopa[D41]. The description can be personally verified when one transcends the Observed then the Observer[R14.1] to reach Cosmic Consciousness and Unity.

From then on, there are different depths at different issues. It is 'Awaken' then 'Awakening' in life-after-life and realm-after-realm, not a kind of easy 'Enlighten' as boosted by Buddhist monks, imitating from their counter part Roman Catholic Church. Esoterically, that is a hurdle many advanced students still have to go through in their 'Learning and Doing'[R5.3], [R5.4] where we are parts in a symbolic thousands Heads, Arms, Eyes of a living ecosystem in Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings where one is a part of the Whole - the Whole in One.

Another significant factor is an Esoteric Connection that one's esoteric teacher will be there to make happened the precious experience if one's True Heart is devoted to the ComPassion for others to benefit One and the Whole. Do Not Miss this Noble Teacher-Student relationship which is very private - bastardised by all organised religions - beyond all 'isms' to have lasting Value in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The bottom line is that one is more than the physical and energy observable bodies, and the Consciousness can enable that direct experience right at the Present Moment for one's wider perspective in one's Continuity of the Consciousness whose Quality has direct impact on one's Quality Existence life after life. Once knowing something 'Beyond Thought', one can operate in the relative world of 'Thought' and competing forces of Conflicts with a smile since the Inner Conflicts have been minimised, loosening the grips of 'Binding Word/Image', 'Clinging Thought', and general 'Grasp-er/Grasped'.

The lightness of mental state and stock is the clearest indicator of the Quality of the Consciousness according to scientific facts of Action-Reaction and Likes-attract-Likes that lead to the Quality of one's Present Moment and Future Abode that are happening in Actual Living in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. That is why [ Kindness >< Empathy >< Signature ] is the foundation of all Goodness far beyond all 'isms' of organised religions at 'Binding Word/Image', 'Clinging Thought', and general 'Grasp-er/Grasped' that we actually know in observing, dealing, and helping many others through their astral bodies, applicable to both the living and the dead.

To appreciate the power of this lightness via 'Beyond Thought - Vô Tướng', 'No-Mark - Vô Vết', 'Detachment-Born - Vô Trụ', and 'Prajna - Bát Nhã', use your Buddha Nature to observe your Consciousness and see how one is slaved to 'Binding Word/Image', 'Clinging Thought', and general 'Grasp-er/Grasped' No Matter who you are: Pope, Religious Leaders, King/Queen, President, Rich/Poor, monk/priest, Guru/Master, God / Bodhisattva / Buddha, etc.

The practical bottom line in direct experiencing the 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' of Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) is the Purification of the Senses where the six sense consciousnesses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) are naturally purified and separated from the 5 entanglements (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness) so one can Mindfully see the 'source of thought'. We make a distinction about (1) consciousness conditioned on the physical structure of the mind (brain of the six senses), (2) consciousness in the 5 entanglements, and (3) the reachable consciousness outside one's conditioned realm called unconditioned by the Awareness that can be beyond thought transcending the observer. That deeper layer 3 of reachable consciousness is conditioned (from wider set of Dependent Nature) and can be affected by the interference from higher more subtle realm that we lump together as the 'Esoteric Circle'. We know some of our actual experiences are not 100% our own effort and present ability. That is the importance of Right Relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles that everyone can cultivate in 'One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One'.

Therefore, Nirvana (Table 1) is a snap shot at the mountain top in the ninth observable attribute of Right Samadhi at the Present Moment that Gotama had that experience when he was a child. Later, he was too focused on the Inner Quest for the Right Living of a Worthy Existence, and fell back for 6 years within the box of Inner Conflicts - Outer Conflicts in concentration. Right Samadhi (inner Peace - ability to be one with the object in Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict) can be easily achieved with Detachment (Vô Trụ) and HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity). There are definitely different depths to 'Transcend Inner Peace'[D26]; they are conditioned and bounded in the physical and energy realm one is in. In the Right Inner Circle, one's authentic Teacher plays a significant role on one's 'Learning and Doing' in one's Continuity of the Consciousness that is far beyond one's life time.

From the first Detachment to the ninth Unmoving Sunyata, there are different depths at different Intensity to Purify[D26] the senses for separating the sense consciousness out of the past 5 entanglements (form, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness). After that instantaneous Unmoving Sunyata, the conditions of relative existence kicks in, and one gets back to Dukkha but with a little difference in quality to be Aware (beyond thought) of the arisen nine observable attributes of Right Samadhi to alternate between Silence and Activities just like to dye cloth and dry it in the Sun to enable the Silence solidify itself in daily activities. Therefore, awaken (satori) at different depths of Sunyata - even at the deepest depth of Unmoving Sunyata or cessation of Dukkha - is only the awaken at one instant moment. The 'Sudden' is required to

  1. biologically kick-start the wiring process for synchronization between left and right brain,

  2. revitalize the dormant wiring if it is already there due to past accumulated efforts,

  3. register the event as a signature in the storehouse (eighth) consciousness to assure that it is not a one-shot affair.

The combination of innumerable dormant karmic forces together with momentary extinction (cessation) in Nirvana logically make happened the appearance of the Unmoving Sunyata. This logical deduction is similar to the logical hypothesis that there is no thought beyond the Purity of Right Samadhi to form one's theoretical model to be personally tested and verified by each person. One can go one step further to logically see that if there is no thought in Expanding Space (since a thought of Expanding is Not Expanding), there must be a consciousness to know that Expanding State. That Consciousness, called Awareness of the Awaken or Consciousness of the consciousness, is far beyond what HuiNeng exposed in his foundation for Zen Sudden School[R5], [R5.1], [R5.2].

One needs a 'Sudden Awaken' to directly experience the transcendental 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict', then continuously 'Awakening' life-after-life to build the required Foundation to 'Transcend Inner Peace'[D26] going beyond thought to directly experience the Essence of the Right Living / Effort far beyond all 'isms' to enslave one into its binding 'Word/Image' and clinging 'Thought'.

Back to the foundation of Zen Sudden School:

Learned Audience, it has been the tradition of our school to take 'Idea-lessness' as our object, 'Non-objectivity' as our basis, and 'Non-attachment' as our fundamental principle. 'Idea-lessness' means not to be carried away by any particular idea in the exercise of the mental faculty. 'Non-objectivity' means not to be absorbed by objects when in contact with objects. 'Non-attachment' is the characteristic of our Essence of Mind.

Based on what (scientific facts - pieces of Truth) picked up by HuiNeng and the mess-up by Buddhist Zen tradition, we value-add HuiNeng discoveries into the Four Seals of the Consciousness from the angle of KhaiPhong (practical daily activities):

Beyond Thought' (Vô Tướng), 'No-Mark' (Vô Vết), 'Detachment' (Vô Trụ) and Samadhi-Prajna (Định-Tuệ)

They are the signed posts to describe observable attributes of the manifested HonNhien on the foundation of Detachment of [ Dhyana / Thiền Định ], and embedded in all observable attributes of Right Inner Peace[D13] that armies of professional scam artists[R18.4] have been successfully polluted Gotama's discoveries in their "big mouths" blah blah blah in [ Meditation / Thiền Định ] and [ Samadhi / Right Inner peace ] of not knowing yet claim to know, not seeing yet claimed to see[D19] since none of them has passed the Gateway-to-Oneness. The substance of this 'Detachment' (Vô Trụ) implies the scientific substances of the second (Impermanence) and third (Empty / Not-Self) Seals of Budh Dharma as described by Gotama. The manifestation of that inside 'Detachment' is the observable HonNhien according to KhaiPhong.

'Beyond Thought' (Vô Tướng) is the target at any observed Object to imply both the fourth 'Purity' and the fifth 'Expanding Space' of Right Samadhi in seeing 'Thing As It Is'. Here is the quote from HuiNeng understanding of 'Thing-As-It-Is'

What is "Wu-Nien", no-thought-ness? Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind free from stain and attachment, this is no-thought-ness.

— Page 126 in The Zen doctrine of no-mind[R5.1]

Is it Gotama's Right Mindfulness / Chánh Niệm in action? It takes that long from Gotama identified "Right Mindfulness" to actually describe its attributes in daily activities that HuiNeng called wu-nien - no-thought-ness or 'Seeing all things and yet to keep your mind free from stain and attachment'. It is so since Gotama did not scientifically see the "Dependent Nature" in No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] to design the Wrong Tools[D24], [D25] as the "Foundations of Mindfulness" in building his Buddhist Sangha. We call this 'Beyond Thought' at the Observed and make it happened to most persons via 'purification of the senses' with Right Inner Peace (Samma-Samadhi) from Transcendental Consciousness (Detachment, Tranquillity, Equanimity, Purity), Cosmic Consciousness (Expanding Consciousness, Expanding Consciousness), and Unity (Sunyata Nothingness, Border line between conditioned and unconditioned, momentary Nirvana). We combine both the snapshots from HuiNeng [ Samadhi-Prajna - Wu-Nien ] and Gotama Mindfulness-Prajna with discovered Transcendental Inner Peace (TIP) to inject modern scientific understanding of the dynamic Nature of Things to scientifically demonstrate the dynamic Dependent Nature and the hidden Emptiness where humanity can play a significant role since that hidden potentiality of Prajna is within the reach of almost every person to be fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part.

Up to 2017 the writer has not known any religious leader from all organized religions, monk/nun - based on their expositions especially in explaining Mahayana texts - know this no-thought-ness (wu-nien) and able to expose it to the mass. Krishnamurti knew this 'wu-nien' and called 'Intensity of Attention' or an ability to 'Totally Listen'. This is a challenge for all claimed meditation masters, Buddhist monks/nuns, and real seekers to actually understand and know the Right Mindfulness[D12] (Chánh Niệm) of Gotama's Eightfold Path which is the State of Prajna to see 'Thing As It Is' where Samadhi-Prajna is manifested at that present moment.

Back to the above simplest 'Thing As It Is' that the Consciousness can come from a 'thought / feeling / perception' which is tainted or from an 'Awareness Beyond Thought' such as 'kindness' so you know the existence of this 'wu-nien' that we call 'Beyond Thought': a thought / image / word of 'Love' is not 'Love', but there is a 'Love' one can directly be Aware of. We hope to make the direct experience of "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict" personally known by most, riding on the person's accumulated lasting values and natural charming power of Sunyata Nothingness. This in turn deepens the awareness of finer consciousness of Right Inner Peace to activate the long road of Sudden Awaken then Awakening in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. One is naturally responsible for one's actions and the environment one a part.

'Beyond Thought' at the Observed to contrast with HuiNeng wu-nien (no-thought-ness) is to put a signed post on the ground for personal verification that at the Intensity-of-Attention point, one can totally listen to the surrounding without any preconceived thought. Krishnamurti spent a major portion of his life to show this point; unfortunately to most listeners, it is only at word level when they are out of his Compassionate energy. His job was probably just to introduce the possibility for the deliverable technologies coming from much more qualified persons. Hope you can see the power of Real Experience that No Word and Thought can describe. A scientific process to speed up the infusion of higher consciousness is now available to personally experience the Natural Purification of the senses via Verifiable Emptiness, all the way up to Gotama Nirvana.

This road block will be changed based on our researched work PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light to accumulate required foundation from Transcendental Consciousness, then in Kindness since it is you who mindfully generate the Action (some time with esoteric assistance if it comes from the deepest part of your True Heart to Share your Goodness for the benefits of Others which is a natural law of ComPassion) in a scientific process, personally verified and researched for 45+ years together with joint contributions of few identified as personally knowing the Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict having thousands years of fruitful Learning and Doing in their specialities.

2. Oneness

Let's explore how Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) and Prajna (Bát Nhã) can disentangle the entanglements - unnecessary outdated marks - and 'dissolve' the dominant karmic forces as paraphrased by Gotama in his advice to Ajita's Questions[D22] that the entire history of Buddhist Sangha - up to 2017 - intentionally ignores in their blah blah blah of claimed [ Foundations of Mindfulness / Vipassana ][D25] and [ Mindfulness of Breathing / Samatha ][D24].

In Figure 1, the divergence between the observed Object 'As It Is - Actuality' and the Reality or what we perceive creates 'Unsatisfied', 'Conflict' even within our success and/or happiness. Let's look at different depths of Consciousness as recorded from Gotama's experience and see the outcomes in directly experiencing these depths to naturally disentangle your entanglements. The signed posts are waiting for your personal verification with the help of KhaiPhong PrajnaTIP in Sound / Light, PrajnaTIP in Kindness, Cultivable Prajna in Activity and in Sadhana.

Biologically, we are equipped with six senses: eye, ear, nose, tongue, body (touch), mind (Instinct, Brain Intelligence, ComPassion, Prajna). There are six Consciousness associated with signals from the senses. At the Consciousness, we have five entanglements filtering the signals and distorting the Actuality into Reality[D19]: forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness. The picture is even more complicated in the way how the brain is evolving into (1) the parallel processor of the Right brain absorbing simultaneous signals from the Whole including something outside the box plus 'Instinct Gut Feelings' of hard-earned past lessons, (2) the serial processor of the Left brain classifying the received signals according to pattern of the past and projecting into the future, and (3) the required wiring for synchronisation between Left and Right brain in the 'Third Eye' (Wisdom Eye, Pineal Gland, Prajna Eye, Huệ Nhãn).

The functional part of the serial processor is called the seventh Consciousness in Buddhist Consciousness-Only[D39] having the tendency of the Grasp-er (Grahaka - Người Chiếm Hữu) and the Grasped (Grahya - Cái Chiếm Hữu) including something outside its domain such as 'Love', 'Emptiness' in its painted self, etc, that it describes using 'Word' and 'Thought' since the Grasp-er is the Owner of 'Word' and 'Thought'. Examples are: (1) 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God'[bible John 1:1], (2) Muslim clinging Thought Allah or Buddhist Amitabha, (3) Communism, Utopia, and all other 'Isms', (4) Buddhist Sangha's interpretation of Nirvana to Parinirvana, Dharmakaya (Truth body), Sambhogakaya (Enjoyment body), and Nirmanakaya (Manifestation body).

A significant contribution of Buddhist Consciousness-Only is the store-house eighth Consciousness - the memory part of one's States of the Consciousness. Self or Grasp-er - similar to one's identity or nickname - is the description for the Continuity of one's States of Consciousness in the same body; reincarnation is the description for that Continuity in different form and realm which may be different from the human realm. It has been proved that the Mind (Instinct, Brain Intelligence, ComPassion, Prajna) uses the physical neurons to partially create itself. Reincarnation is that recreation process according to Likes-attract-Likes and actions-reactions with possible external influence for a new utility vessel in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

The Science and Economics of KhaiPhong focuses on both the disentangle of the entanglements and dissolving dominant addicted karmic forces of the present life, while consciously making 'Good Qualities' reproducible themselves in reincarnation so one continues evolving rather than evolving then degenerating due to 'Ignorance' and/or starting from square one. An interesting scientific question is whether Gotama's Mindfulness-Prajna can access that stored information, consciously see the bottom-line of one's effort to really awaken one's [ Conscience / Prajna / Wisdom ] and through this mechanism accessing the fields of cosmic collected data of universal consciousness. Same question is put to qualified Bodhidharma's Detachment-Prajna, HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna, and AwakeningBudh's ComPassion-Prajna. This is a very big question. waiting for more researches. We will superficially mention the Vibration and Cosmic Energy - a part of different transcendental entries into Prajna - to wide open different Vista in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.

Based on our subjective experience at different depths of 'Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is without Conflict' measurable in 'Transcendental Inner Peace[D26]' as recorded in Buddhist Texts, the second Tranquillity is the unification of mind, devoid of applied and sustained thought right at the border line between Duality Consciousness and No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1]. Mathematically as presented below, it is the consciousness state along the line between the event on conflicting duality plane to the common vibration of the energy column forming the TRUTH plane of the event perpendicular to the duality plane. The TRUTH plane of the event is momentarily changing due to the changing forces on the focused event. Nevertheless, there exists dominant pattern that makes something effortlessly happened due to underlying driving forces. By being on the TRUTH plane high above the duality plane of conflicting events, one can sense the pulses of forces and strategic position to direct the event toward What Count[R23].

These subjective observations are used as theoretical observations to be tested against empirical verification of doable PrajnaTIP, and use them as signed posts of sustainable applications. The higher one can move on the TRUTH plane - known as Madhyamaka Ultimate (Wider) Truth - the Wider perspective one can influence the event. This 'Tranquillity' is precisely defined in Lankavatara Sutra as Gateway-to-Oneness that gives birth to the highest Right Inner Peace, which is gained by entering into the womb of Tathagatahood, which is the realm of supreme wisdom realized in one's inmost self'[D34]. From this mathematical presentation we can logically see the common line between the event on duality plane and its event Truth plane - perpendicular to the duality plane - must have common properties of No-Conflict Consciousness such as the Foundations of Mindfulness that Gotama did not know in designing the wrong tools[D24], [D25] for the right job[D22].

The [ Oneness / No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] ] is cultivable [D26], as evidenced from an honest exposition of a Vietnamese monk at the Gateway-to-Oneness, not yet passing binding Word/Image, and clinging Though (sở tri chướng) as evidenced in the monk's life-time exposition of the Heart Sutra[R2]. It is the Self and Selfless Actualisation from Being Needs, the Oneness[R6] manifested through Compassion and Wisdom (Prajna) known in the Latin Humanitas to derive Human Rights. This consciousness dimension - touched by dedicated explorers and mystics - is perpendicular to planes of duality such as conflicting Norms and Moral Values of all isms where organised religions are parts. The higher/deeper one can switch from the plane of conflicting duality to this cross-cut dimension of Compassion-Prajna - bypassing tainted senses thanks to discovered natural laws for reverse evolution from Form back to Consciousness - the clearer one can see the conflicting issue As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change the situation toward a Right Direction according to the Underlying Natural Laws. In this actual doing and learning one is an Agent of Changes to change oneself and the environment toward What Count[R23].

The lasting Universal (Moral) Value of the values - the [ Conscience / Normative Intelligence ] of knowing Right and Wrong - which is an epistemic objective must be perpendicular to that duality plane to objectively measure the quality of the Normative Intelligence in the Right Understanding and Right Motivation, the Prajna division of the Eightfold Path, discovered by Gotama 2500+ years ago and value-added by many waiting for a Right Place and Right Time to be reborn and revitalised into a Science of Consciousness. It is Universal since it is based on discovered natural laws operating in Duality Consciousness (Relative Truth) and in No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] or Ultimate (Wider) Truth. It is "Moral" due to the normative Right or Wrong in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. The cultivable "Normative Intelligence[R1]" helps one know more about oneself, plus "Artificial Intelligence" to augment one's "Alertness (Mindfulness)" and "Awareness (Prajna)", enabling one the centre of all activities and relationships in productions and consumption toward What Count[R23].

Thank to special ability, innate "Compassion and Prajna" of the "Sound Specialist" - currently a living student - to foil the inter-realm dark forces, and through these events since 2004, the writer has innumerable opportunities to personally experience and reflect upon major cracks[D10] fallen by highly evolved entities as well as the Right Effort / Living where transcendental "Compassion and Prajna" are going hand-in-hand with others playing key-roles in this re-structuring. Out of this hand-on training and doing together with previous 45+ years of preparation, he is able to point out and fill the Gaps with Unique Value-Adds to Gotama's "Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion"[D20]. This is an attempt to bring natural forces of proven scientific and economic processes into the Tao of Consciousness - discoveries - in Making Life Easier, driven from people, by people and for people toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23] where everyone can be a part due to Human Nature and Human Right.

The synthesis is observable, testable and measurable via [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ] in the East or [ Body >< Mind >< Soul ] of the West where [ Mind >< measurable Effort >< Soul ] is the [ Energy >< Quality of the Eighth Consciousness ] being explored and changed by the self (seventh consciousness) in consciousness-only[D39]. It is a tool to demand practical outcomes of all Efforts from people, by people and for people to naturally weed out criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] from all isms - where organized religions are parts - to bully humanity with Fear and Greed via Painted Cakes, Holy Words and Threatening Thought. It demands everyone's Effort to manifest one's inner potentiality - the Kingdom of God from within - to verify the [ conflicting / divisional / violent ] duality of all [ cheating / fanatic ] religions: "God not in the world is the false God and the World not in God is unreality [ or illusion due to one's tainted senses and innumerable outdated marks ][R6]".

Please challenge all claimed [ Priests / Teachers / Masters / Enlighten Ones ] with qualified questions from Taming The Ox to weed out thousand years of criminals and professional scam artists - messing up their own lives and the lives of others - while concentrating available resources for lasting Value of the Values in your continuity of the Consciousness, helping oneself and others staying close to the actualities by questioning all descriptions (Greek philosophia or ‘the love of wisdom’) to detect underlying natural laws, Making Life Easier and Happier.

Due to the inter-realm Dependent Nature[R20.1] and very long evolution of humanity, a glimpse of Oneness has been touched at different great civilizations by both TRUTH lovers (philosophers) and dedicated explorers in search for the "Meaning of Existence or Being" and the "Right / Moral Path" of harmonious development leading toward Happiness opposite to the "Wrong / Immoral Path of destruction for one and the environment in the Dependent Nature according to underlying natural laws. We are interested in Lasting Values and the Right Path while presenting fact-based destruction and sufferings of "Thing-As-It-Is".

Advaita (not-two) Vedanta says that at some deep fundamental level, everything is unified while the surface level is diverse which is an Actuality discovered and proven by current sciences. There is one unified Field, and that all apparent diversity is nothing other than the One appearing as the many while actually remaining One. The observer, process of observation, and observed assume different functions while remaining Oneness as argued by Buddhist Consciousness-Only at different higher/deeper Consciousness of the consciousness[D19]. This Oneness is not anymore mysterious thanks to the mind-eye of a living Sound Specialist and the orchestration of Higher Beings in cleaning up the messes created by dark forces, commonly known as the collapsed esoteric Illuminati New World Order. What that student saw is an energy column, orthogonal to different realms of existences where human realm is at the base of that energy column.

Due to discovered natural Moral Laws such as Action-Reaction and Likes-attracts-Likes, the lighter higher quality of consciousness floats up experiencing Happiness via [ KhaiPhong Foundations of Mindfulness ], while the darkness and heavier sink to different levels of Suffering[D27]. Via different techniques of meditation (qualified dhyana), practitioners were able to experience the dissolution of contents in duality toward Infinite Space / Infinite Consciousness, to the Nothingness, and "neither perception nor non-perception"[D30]. These aesthetic transcendental states - dissolving contents toward Nothingness - are transient due to innumerable outdated marks embedded in one's consciousness, and there is a proper way in this natural Purification in the complex system[R24] (complexity science) of tainted senses[D41] embedded in almost all people. Despite theoretical and verifiable Oneness, Indian Caste System deprives equal opportunity to everyone to justify economic efficiency through divisions of labour.

Gotama was able to personally verify the "Oneness" in Indian system from his two teachers, plus one deeper level at "Unmoving Sunyata / Nirvana" when he recalled his experience at childhood via effortless "Detachment / HonNhien" mind having "Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity" attributes. He formulated his discovery[D20] by scientifically reverse-engineering this process to start from everyone's reality of Dukkha - at both physical and mental levels [ Body >< Mind >< Effort / Body >< Mind >< Soul ] with the Eightfold Path as the solution, moving from any conflicting duality manifestation toward the Source of Oneness at different higher/deeper [ Wisdom / Prajna ] due to strategically seeing "Thing-As-It-Is" and the optimum Action/Inaction at one's Intensity of Attention. He called this process Mindfulness[D22] which is Not the claimed Buddhist Mindfulness [ The Great Frames of Reference / Digha Nikaya 22 / Tứ niệm xứ ][D25], capable to obstruct and restrict the driving momentum of all clinging-binding forces. To fulfil this capability, Gotama's "qualified Mindfulness" must be able to sense the "source of thought" to properly manage one's reality that almost all Buddhist Vipassana and monks - we are aware of - are incapable to touch in entire 2500+ years of Buddhist history. He formally set up the Buddhist Sangha by presenting the discovery in his first public discourse to address both the physical dukkha and mental dukkha which cover all issues of intelligent existence - the Being and Doing - of humanitas (biology, compassion, wisdom) leading to Human Rights.

Let's use modern tools to trace out Gotama's verifiable process, then contrast it against voluminous treatises and debates of the "blinds touching elephant" in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha. Start from a changing conflicting event on the duality plane, either at personal level (such as a head ache, hurt feeling, anger, sexual desire, intention of cheating/killing, fear, phobia) or aggregate (such as the South China Sea / Vietnamese East Sea, international crisis, country strategy, community development, company marketing, family/team/personal project).

The outcome of that event at any moment is the net result in probability and intensity of both internal and external factors that Buddhist Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita[R7] asserted "the past mind cannot be grasped, neither can the present mind or the future mind". For an aggregate event, the "mind" indicates "Thing-As-It-Is" state of the event or swarm of forces from all involved parties directly / indirectly related to the event. Without delivering any transcendental state due to "beating around the bush" on the duality plane, incapable to pass the Gateway-to-Oneness (jumping above the duality plane), Buddhist Theravada distorts Gotama's nine (9) verifiable transcendental states via transcendental mindfulness with its conflicting mindfulness of breathing[D24], attempted to use Vipassana to cheat humanity in its ability to clearly recognise all internal and external driving forces related to the event then not doing anything since whatever come will go according to the Dependent Nature. It knows nothing about the "Right-Thing-to-Do" coming from one's "Conscience / Wisdom / Prajna / Moral Value of the values". It chops Gotama's transcendental states into eight[D19] and glorify the momentary Nirvana into static/permanent nirvana (while still in the condition / niết bàn hữu dư / sopadhisesa) and parinirvana (nirvana with no conditions / niết bàn vô dư / nirupadhisesa). Theravada scam process - claiming to know what they do not know to see what they do not see[D19] - renders millions people into a cheating process of "doing nothing" to ride on Gotama's credibility in making very unworthy living, useless to oneself and the community[D19]. It basically renders Gotama's snap-shot approach from dynamic complexity systems[R24] into static painted cakes in enforcing masters-slaves relationships where they are his gatekeepers.

Buddhist Mahayana - partially transmitted by both dark and good esoteric forces toward the end-game in the collapse of Illuminati New World Order[R18.3] - wrapped Theravada scam process in ivory tower of confused philosophers to enforce masters-slaves relationships since the middle realm entities [ Buddhas / Gods / Allah ] are still experiencing "the in and out of transcendental states" while tightly watching what each group knows as their proprietary weapons to boost claims in grasping "bloody" power, exactly as Theravada monks boosting and grasping their painted cake of Nirvana and Parinirvana. Mahayana logically drives the diverse manifestations back to Oneness at different grades of Bodhisattavas or cultivable levels without delivering the scientific How. For example, Nagarjuna of Madhyamaka used logical arguments to rationally expose Gotama's discoveries with "Emptiness" as the [ Oneness / Ultimate (Wider) Truth ] and "Dependent Nature" as the natural law of [ Diversities / Relative Truth ]. He put forward the argument whether Nirvana is ontic that Theravada monks are grasping, and came to the conclusion that there is no difference between nirvana and samsara since all are absent of self-nature, without touching Gotama's precious discoveries in practical solution of his original quest about "Dukkha" and its solution in "the end of Dukkha"[D44] at both physical and mental levels. So does the Buddhist Heart Sutra and many others that we can use them as theoretical models to be tested for validation or rejection.

Scientifically, we can trace any event on the duality plane toward the common source of Oneness that we esoterically observe as a cross-cut energy column to enable reborn and rejuvenation of Higher Realms of Consciousness starting from this physical earth with humanity as its top stakeholder according to Thing-As-It-Is. Subjectively, that Oneness has been verified by mystics and different organised religions under different names. Actually, any event on the duality plane are subjected to different forces of all concerned parties which are measurable as participants' Efforts which represent the participants' qualities of the consciousness in actual living. Psychologically through recognisable patterns and rational observations of many people, modern psychology in Self and Selfless Actualisation see deliverable breakthrough in one's quality of the consciousness, capable to diagnose a complex event and one's strategic position to change and/or ride on the situation toward one's intended direction. Mathematically, we can logically prove that the higher one can dwell on the plane of [ Oneness / Prajna / Conscience / Wisdom ] the clearer one can be out of the conflicting forces of the event on the duality plane (Detachment) to see the event As-It-Is and one's contribution to push the event toward a right direction of What Count[R23].

We formulate the Oneness based on the Heart Sutra[R2] having its manifestation as [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ] on the Compassion tree, deep rooted in Sunyata. The trace from any event to this Oneness then along the vertical dimension of [ Wisdom / Prajna / Conscience ] to higher/deeper commonly known as Prajna-Paramita forms the event plane of TRUTH, perpendicular to the plane of duality of all events. We can theoretically understand required outside-the-box [ Wisdom / Prajna / Conscience ] to push the evolving event toward a Right Direction of Prajna in Making Life Easier and Happier. Gotama's advice to Ajita's Questions[D22] can be formally stated that the higher/deeper along the Prajna dimension one can view the event, the clearer one can see Thing-As-It-Is - having less distorted view due to preconceived idea from binding Word/Image and clinging Thought - and the strategic position to Change the event toward What Count[R23]. For a personal event, being aware at the source of thought mindfulness can obstruct and restrict the driving forces, and by Wisdom [Prajna], they are dissolved.

In the West, the lovers of TRUTH (philosophers) using their currently embedded [ Wisdom / Prajna / Conscience ] as epistemic objectives to rationally reason the fundamental attributes of a person - Latin humanitas - as/being "[ biology, compassion, wisdom ]" that leads to current view of "Human Rights". Here is also the underlying nature of Gotama's discoveries to enable him breaking away from Indian traditional Caste System to clearly state the human "Charter of Free Inquiry", knowing more about one's Prajna / Conscience - a faculty to know the Right and Unworthy - which is cultivable horizontally in daily activities and vertically in diving from within, drawing deeper power of the whole ocean (cosmic consciousness) where all disturbances at the surface are completely Empty (Absent)[D26].

Two significant events have happened in the West: (1) the discovery of Jesus about the power of Faith on any event's plane of TRUTH and the need of compassion in Samaritan[R16], and (2) scientific discoveries in practical solutions to unveil underlying natural laws for "Making Life Easier and Happier" opposing to the exploited Blind Faith imposed on humanity by criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4].

The need of compassion in Samaritan - transcending all conflicting forces (or preconceived ideas due to binding Word/Image and clinging Thought) coming from races, sexes, religions, nationalities, languages, customs, cultures - is fundamental since only in that state of naturally detached mind as stated in the Buddhist Heart Sutra[R2]: "Bodhisattva bound to Transcendental Wisdom dwells in no mind enclosure, no mind enclosure intrepidity transcends beyond errors reaches nirvana", one can personally know the common vibration (Com) of energy (Passion) between one and others discovered by Krishnamurti, spending 60+ years of his life time and the etymology of the word ComPassion to spread out this meaning. We now use set theory to prove that without ComPassion of [ 1 + 1 > 2 ] there is no [ Prajna / Wisdom ]. That is why Prajna is the flower of ComPassion tree deep rooted in the Oneness invisible Sunyata. This logical proof is now well-known and mathematically proven in International Trade theory to prosper economics and commerce. That is also why the Foundations of Mindfulness leading to Prajna is Empathy, a trainable state of mind to sense the pain of others as your own pain to do something about it. It is Not the claimed Buddhist Samatha[D24] or Vipassana[D25] totally enslaved on the duality plane of conflicting events or one's prison without bars.

Having this actual embedded ComPassion of the Good Samaritan, Jesus found that "Faith" can raise him up beyond the plane of conflicting duality for extra ordinary tasks called miracles by people bounded in the [ plane of duality / Relative Truth from Madhyamaka / Imaginary and Dependent Nature by Consciousness-Only ]. But there is the Right Faith and the Wrong Faith based on the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2], [R18.3], [R18.4] similar to the Right Dependent Nature and the Wrong Dependent Nature that Buddhist professional scam artists[R18.4] can successfully "knock out" Gotama's precious gifts to humanity in 2500+ years of his Buddhist Sangha in all sects and schools from all countries.

In the case of Jesus, the Wrong Faith [ from [Mark 14:36] "Abba, Father," he said, "all things are possible for You. Take this cup from Me. Yet not what I will, but what You will" or from [Matthew 26:42] "My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done"] (1) makes him into a religious fanatic violently attacked money changers in a temple which did not belong to him in the first place, and (2) enables criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] drive billions of people into an abyss of unnecessary sufferings as evidenced in the bloody history of the Christian Churches and their conflicts with Muslims. It is similar to defects in communism from Marx and Engels helped criminals and professional scam artists killing 100's millions people to enforce their hallucinations.

The "Abba, Father" - called by Jesus - esoterically was a criminal[R18.3] and part of the higher dark forces to start the whole mess in the middle realm. He himself, his associate claimed Virgin Mary, and his son (the claimed Natural Brightness Dhipankara Buddha)[D51] were degenerated together with the collapse of his grand son (King of Gods) dynasty according to natural laws of Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction which will take a very long time for them to recover their virtuous quality of the consciousness. The exploitation using Jesus as the Redeemer carried out by his human slaves professional scam artists[R18.4] to psychologically enslave humanity is now fully exposed in the collapse of Illuminati New World Order. The middle realm is reorganized under the leadership of Jesus together with 12 clans having contributions of Krishnamurti, Gotama, etc, as heads of these clans. Human vision of Humanitas - biology, compassion and wisdom - with deliverable higher consciousness, moving from diversities back to the Oneness and high above on the dimension of [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ] is very concrete on the table to jointly run the inter-realm World according to scientifically discovered natural laws.

Western scientific discoveries concentrate on what are observable on any event on the duality plane. Without tracing to the Oneness and the Raison D'être of the innovations and applications, the physical sciences may become tools for any dark force to destroy humanity. Esoterically, this was a tragedy in higher realms for over 60,000+ man years, coming to the end in the collapse of Illuminati with reorganisation from even higher realms. Given the tainted senses in all people and the hard evidences below to prove the democracy and freedom of choice were illusions together with "faked news", it is very important for at least 1% - 7% population having higher consciousness on the plane of TRUTH of important events to not only rationally explore possible forces around the event in Thing-As-It-Is, but also strategically see what need to be done from one's Intensity-of-Attention toward a Right direction of What Count[R23].

The [Right / Moral] and [Wrong / Immoral] activities in making up "Quality of the Consciousness" are cultivable based on different Signed Posts along the vertical dimension of [ Wisdom / Prajna / Conscience ] and statistically measurable at the bottom-line evidence-base Efforts in the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong. Thanks to personal involvement of a living student being a part in foiling the top esoteric layers of Illuminati New World Order, here are the four conclusions that you can safely have "Strong Faith" in life-after-life to be a solidly integrated person, transcending all isms where organised religions are parts on the conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) duality plane. The transcendence of conflicts in [ 1 + 1 > 2 ] moves toward transparent and accountable Democracy and Human Rights coming from aggregate Consciousness where everyone can be a part in Changing oneself and the Environment toward What Count[R23], Making Life Easier and Happier. That makes one fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part.

  1. There exists natural laws affecting all activities due to billion years of evolution to make parts sustainable in the Whole. Discovering and sharing these laws - such as the Dependent Nature or second law of thermodynamics - are parts of Making Life Easier and Happier for one and the whole.

  2. There exists cultivable Universal Moral Value of Right and Wrong according to natural laws - such as Action-Reaction, Likes-attract-Likes, Conscience - to invisibly regulate intelligent being responsible for one's activities and relationships.

  3. There exists the [Budh/Buddha Nature] in all intelligent beings, knowing the Right or Unworthy relevant to one's present moment. The first two findings assure sustainable living environment with or without the interference of external forces from the fourth finding.

  4. There exists orchestrations of higher beings - just like the management of environment by humanity - to assure proper evolution according to natural laws.

Faith - especially on proven discovered natural laws - is the mechanism of self-generated energy to tightly bind these proven principles together, overcoming slightest doubt about Universal Moral Value in Harmonious Living based on one's Conscience to a very delicate edge of the Right toward lasting Value of all other values Making Life Easier and Happier for one and others, even to the point to sacrifice current life for the sake of one's integrated being. "Faith" together with "Intensity-of-Attention" advocated by Krishnamurti are two out of four proven natural processes to take one from conflicting forces at thought level on the duality plane of Relative Truth to high above on the plane of TRUTH at that moment (Ultimate (Wider) Truth according to Buddhist Madhyamaka) to Naturally / HonNhien inject a Fresh unconditioned Insight to the event. Two other proven processes to be implemented at the right time are (1) the charming attraction of the Sunyata Nothingness, and (2) ComPassion which demands sufficient state and stock of Prajna coming from Natural Purification - commonly known as HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna - due to (transcendental) accumulated (stock of) Samadhi coming from these proven processes.

To see the importance of Faith for an integrated person in one's Continuity of the Consciousness, let's look at three or four layers of one's consciousness - physical layer, energy / astral layer, carry-on consciousness layer. The physical and astral layers can be considered as the shells of the energy and the carry-on consciousness (soul). Without the contents, the outer shells loose most of their functionalities. It is well known in the world efforts to stop the genocide of over 90% world population (billions people even more than the crimes done by the bloody Roman Catholic Church[R18.4]) for easy management of masters-slaves relationships that the esoteric sites of the dark forces used consciousness technologies - driven by consciousness discoveries - different from human radio technologies in enforcing their greedy powers. With Wrong/Immoral application of these technologies, they are able to mix and match their layers of lower qualities of the consciousness with other higher quality layers that we call "snatching technology" in their attempt to abuse the natural laws, similar to the fear of many that applications of physical discoveries may destroy humanity if the moral side of humanity is continuously degenerated. Faith - especially faith on the righteousness - works through the mind in the dynamic circle of western [ Body >< Mind >< Soul ] or eastern [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ] where effort is statistically measurable outcome of one's quality of the consciousness. It is not a linear process as conceived by most people. The binding force of Faith helps overcome Fear and Greed to render the snatching technologies ineffective.

Let's scientifically see how Faith can take one out of the confused mess at the present moment on the duality plane, rising high on the plane of TRUTH to see Thing-As-It-Is and strategic move to get out of the present mess. Faith - where prayer is a part - first transcends the confused mess of binding Word/Image (perfected by Catholic Church) and clinging Thought (perfected by Muslim) in generating insecure state of mind toward a single concentrated point, called Intensity-of-Attention by Krishnamurti. It does not matter whether that faith is in Jesus, Abba, Allah, Marie, Bodhisattva, Amitabha, Gotama, fakir concentration, or Krishnamurti attention whenever needed for a Fresh Look. Buddhist [ Anapanasati[D24] / Mindfulness of breathing ] - which is not Gotama's Mindfulness[D22] capable to obstructs and restricts whatever binding and clinging forces of karmic flows - is the "beating around the bush" toward relinquishment which is the ultimate objective of the practice as quoted. Its ultimate objective of "relinquishment" is impossible and scam process as the Buddhist vipassana trying the impossible task of micro-observation of the mind[R7] without any prajna to see the momentary strategic position to change the event.

Similar to the binding Word/Image perfected by Christians and clinging Thought perfected by Muslims, Buddhist "mindfulness of breathing[D24]" narrows and binds the mind to a focused breath. It is logically impossible to relinquish the mind at that focused point. The cheated process is similar to the scam process of praying to Amitabha, advocating Detachment-Born (Vô Trụ), yet the whole life is dedicated to the Grasp-er (Grahaka) and the Grasped (Grahya) of Amitabha Pure Land. In Krishnamurti "Intensity-of-Attention", it is the "energy" that transcends all conflicting forces on the duality plane, raising one high up the dimension of "[ Wisdom / Prajna / Conscience ]" for a Fresh look of Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position to change the event. The [ Christian / Muslim / Buddhist breathing and pure land ] processes forcefully destroy all except the selected utopia and chained oneself to it, voluntarily being a slave in masters-slaves relationship.

One may ask under what mechanism Gotama and Jesus can avoid the binding and clinging force of their mind to the breath or to the Father God, and the implications of their case studies. First of all, Gotama did not limit the event to "Mindfulness of breathing / Anapanasati". Mindfulness can apply to any event such as "wilderness with community of monks" in the Lesser Discourse on Emptiness (MN 121)[D26]. Hence "mindfulness of breathing" must transcend the breath that 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha cannot reach, but always beating around the bush on the duality plane of Relative Truth. That "qualified mindfulness" must be able to sense "the source of thought" to properly manage one's reality which will be deliverable by KhaiPhong Technology. Jesus had Wrong Faith in "Abba, Father" but his built-in "Detachment" was strong enough to enable his mind naturally breaking the crust of self on the duality plane to be high on the dimension of "Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience" for extraordinary tasks, commonly known as miracles. Thanks to be a very small part in foiling the esoteric plots of Illuminati, we were told and know many reincarnations of both Gotama and Jesus. Some of us have very close connections to both.

We asked you to do forensic comparison between Jesus and the Buddhist Teacher at Tây An since they have similar patterns. It may be the right time to reveal some esoteric information to (1) demonstrate the importance of sharing/recording one's personal discoveries and case studies so others can value-add without starting from the beginning in one's continuous learning and doing, (2) show the existence of moral value in evolution of higher consciousness in one's continuity of the consciousness, (3) have scientific attitude of challenging any theory and/or personal experience with empirical evidences to derive specific natural laws in "Making Life Easier and Happier".

In the Diamond Sutra (The Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita Sutra[R7]) we learn about the dialogue between Gotama and Subhuti on the "Detachment" - quality of the first Jhana[D29] - to transcend the binding and clinging forces of contents in seeing Thing-As-It-Is and strategic position for a Right Effort coming from high above [Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience]. Thanks to the recording of this sutra "Do not attach to anything ( natural detachment - HonNhien - in all activities ) then that "Wonderful / Fresh / HonNhien" Mind will appear / Ưng vô sở trụ nhi sinh kỳ tâm / Chỉ nên phát tâm trong tinh thần vô trụ, HuiNeng immediately recognized that innate "Wonderful Mind" in every person. We esoterically learn that Subhuti was reincarnated as K'ung Tzu in China, Jesus of Nazareth, Lý Công Uẩn[R7.1] the founder of Vietnamese Ly Dynasty who moved the capital to Hanoi in 1010,..., and the Buddhist Teacher at Tây An[D52].

Whether or not our esoteric information is right, we see continuously tremendous effort from that identifiable stream of consciousness to find out the Raison D'être (meaning) of existence or the Being according to natural laws. With that sharing - together with the reincarnation of Gotama - we debunk "Personal Glorification / Utopia" of all organised religions, bullying humanity based on Fear and Greed to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships for group benefits of criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4]. The Moral Value of higher consciousness shows its effects in the end-result of many claimed Buddhas, Gods and Allah that they have to exist according to Likes-attract-Likes and Action-Reaction that no one(s) Punish or Redeem their mistakes / sins. Since humanity has been indoctrinated for so long and only living at the present moment can change the quality of the consciousness, Soyen Shaku[R6] in the World Parliament of Religions 1893 stated "God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Oneness] is unreality.

Let's get back to the plane of TRUTH at any event. We logically show that it is the "energy" that transcends all conflicting forces, raising one high up the dimension of "[ Wisdom / Prajna / Conscience ]" for a Fresh look and one's strategic position to change the event. The difference between Gotama / Jesus with others in using the breath or faith to strongly anchoring the mind to one point is the accumulated state of Inner Peace to naturally Purify the tainted senses: one has "detachment-born / no-mind enclosure" due to Natural Purification of the sense while others are slaves to their tainted senses further enforced and indoctrinated by criminals and professional scam artists in their own organised religions. The necessary and sufficient condition to Free one from tainted senses is (a) the direct experience of the transcendental states to activate the Natural Purification process, and (b) modern tool to know more about oneself using both the cultivable Normative Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. Part (a) will be delivered in PrajnaTIP and part (b) is PrajnaTool, the implementation of Change Management accidentally discovered from Vietnamese 1945 August Uprising in the Nation Quest for Independence and Freedom. This necessary and sufficient condition is also the deliverable solution of Chinese "Wei-Wu-Wei / Action in Non-Action / Effortless Right Action" which - up to 2017 - is only a concept from the blinds touching elephant of Buddhist Sangha, similar to HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna incapable to shed any light in 1000's years of blah blah blah cheating processes in claiming to see what they do not see claiming to know what they do not know[D19].

We now mathematically use the plane of TRUTH at any event on the duality plane to (a) dig deeper into the nature of Relative Truth and Ultimate (Wider) Truth from Madhyamaka middle path[D38] and back, from Imaginary Nature and Dependent Nature to the Perfected Nature of Consciousness-Only[D39] and back, from Dharmapala-XuanZang Consciousness of the consciousness[D19] and back, from Gotama's Mindfulness-Prajna[D22] and back, from Jesus's Faith in "God/Father/Allah"[R16] and back, from claimed Bodhidharma conflicting Dukkha to "Thing-As-It-Is dukkha via Detachment-Prajna in Jue Guan Lun / A Treatise on the Ceasing of Notions[D35] and back, from HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5] and back, from Soyen Shaku [R6] based on 2500+ years of Buddhist understanding of [ God / Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân ] then back to the world, from Krishnamurti Intensity-of-Attention[R6.1] to be Free from the [ Known / Binding Word-Image and Clinging Thought / Sở Tri Chướng ] when necessary then back to relax living, then (b) explore the current Sustainable Change Management at its optimal places and times.

We together explore the underlying natural laws to scientifically derive epistemic objectives of identifiable stream of consciousness and the environment in its swarms of forces that make up the aggregate Consciousness of Humanity toward the Inter Realm Dependent Nature in one's "Continuity of the Consciousness". Consciousness is a form of energy, and can Only by Transformed, "Not Being Destroyed / Vụt Tắt" as cheated by Buddhist professional scam artists[R18.4] in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha, claiming to know what they do not know to see what they do not see[D19] to Knock 0ut Gotama's gifts to humanity in their attempts to perpetuate masters-slaves relationships, being the gate keepers that they are not authorised by the Founder of the Buddhist Sangha.

From any event on the duality plane and its plane of TRUTH, one can draw a line to the Source then vertically along the dimension of [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ] of the plane of TRUTH at that event. The process and observable attributes along this path has been described by Gotama at the event of [ the wilderness with community of monks ] in "Cula-suññata Sutta: The Lesser Discourse on Emptiness" (MN 121)[D26]. The observable attributes are known as Gotama's recorded Jhanas[D29], [D30] that he could experience as a child under the shade of a tree having tremendous compassion for all beings trying to make a living: men do plowing, worms are unearthed, birds eat worms, etc. As a sannyasin he learned meditation from his two teachers, capable to achieve Sunyata Nothingness, the Indian Oneness of all diversities. The lingering self of achievement was always there, separating his vibrations from others which was not Effortless Oneness. Thanks to recalling his childhood experience and "aloof from unwholesome thoughts with Detachment", he could effortlessly arrive at the "Unmoving Sunyata", one step deeper than the Indian Samadhis that he called "the End of Dukkha"[D44] which is the beginning of his Quest. This is Gotama's scientific process - as we see it - to unravel Value of the Values: (1) ComPassion to be part of the natural Dependent Nature, (2) [ Detachment-Born / Hon Nhen ] to flow with current natural forces, (3) Right Inner peace (samma-samadhi) to enable natural purification to purify outdated marks of tainted senses .

We reclassify Gotama Jhanas into six signed posts with additional observable attributes for empirical tests and further contributions via discovering different natural laws, more practical to modern living. At most events, one will not always have optimal conditions - called PrajnaLand - conducive to the manifestations of Prajna. The reclassification is necessary for different scientific processes discovered from natural laws and/or [ strategic help / external forces ] to enable practitioners starting from where one is with tainted senses and innumerable outdated marks to personally experience the Gateway-to-Oneness then different depths of "Right Inner Peace / Samma Samadhi", and statistically verifiable stability levels. This is essential since only through the Right Inner Peace - not the Wrong Bliss - the process of Natural Purification can be activated for an Insight into the Emptiness, leading to different depths of Detachment leaving "No-Mark / outdated mark" on the stream of the consciousness. This is a very long process as evidenced in recorded human history up to 2017.

Typical example in using the natural law is PrajnaTIP in Sound to personally know what Gotama experienced as a child under the shade of a tree with tremendous compassion for all beings. Since many have gone through many evolution then degeneration processes due to trials and errors, many already have currently dormant good stock. A highly developed qualified student - capable to see the energy and blocked area - can strategically help to unblock the hurdle for a Sudden Insight into the Emptiness. This is the HuiNeng Sudden school that HuiNeng has not done for his students due to not at the right time and right place. We can scientifically prove that (1) everyone can have a Sudden Awaken then Awakening that none of his student knows due to Grasping, turning a momentary state into a permanent states as done in Buddhist PureLand and Vajrajana for the group benefits, (2) everyone can be a mirror for others to observe and reflect the Right Effort in daily activities and relationships to change oneself and the environment toward What Count[R23]. His reincarnation can be easily recognised as a living student among us. Due to dynamic interaction between Body and Mind [ Body >< Mind ] Hindu tradition can combine specialised eating regime with mental training to induce a natural levitation to enable the practitioner experiencing a moment of Beyond Thought. We have been esoterically aware of a living student in this tradition, capable to use his mind to direct cosmic energy to make this process easier due to an additional external force beside personal cultivation. Finally, here are demonstrations of trainable processes to activate Internal Inner Power via Kung-Fu[R11]

Once proficient on this path - from any event to the Source or Gateway-to-Oneness then different signed posts - one can traverse the diagonal line from the event to the highest achievable signed post in that particular situation. This makes the Gateway-to-Oneness right at the event for a finer diagonal traversing process. This is what Gotama advice in Ajita's Questions[D22] since Mindfulness - the state of one's Samadhi - is effortlessly Being Aware at the Source of Thought, i.e. sensing the driving force even before its bubbling up as a thought leading to action from tainted senses so one can properly manage one's reality. Most claimed masters of Buddhist Vipassana are far away from this level and why they are beating around the bush on duality plane[D19]. It is Bodhidharma theoretical contribution in his Jue Guan Lun / A Treatise on the Ceasing of Notions[D35] combined with rational Wise Attention[D28] in Thing-As-it-is Dukkha.

Since each individual is unique in one's evolution with innumerable different states and stocks of tainted senses and there are innumerable unexpected favourable and unfavourable events, there are different zig-zag paths around the event on the flat duality plane[D19], and from outside the box above the duality plane, called by Dharmapala-XuanZang Consciousness of the consciousness[D19] that dynamically affect one another in one's complex system[R24]. The formal favourable path under optimal conditions of PrajnaLand is used to cultivate one's stock of Samadhi that infuses the Natural Purification to either dissolve outdated marks and/or floating an outdated mark up to the conscious level for doing something about it with one's prajna. That is why we say Gotama should record his state of mind at this event, the Quarrel At Kosambi[D45]. For unfavourable event, whatever one can do one already did it with current state and stock of one's prajna - contrary to the blah blah blah of Buddhist professional scam artists advocating "Not Doing Anything" due to the Dependent Nature of what come then go - the embedded Detachment and its Natural Purification turn the seriousness of the event into Thing-As-It-Is dukkha for another round of Change Management and/or more urgent matter as described by Bodhidharma in Jue Guan Lun / A Treatise on the Ceasing of Notions[D35]. The event in actual living also reveals one's Quality of the Consciousness - which is statistically measurable in one's [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ] derived from Gotama, Bodhidharma, Xuanzang, HuiNeng, modern psychology contributions - and the learned lessons to allocate one's resources for doing something about it!

Up to this point we look at any personal and/or aggregate event, and logically connect the dots claimed by religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholicism. We construct a mathematical model to enable these claims (1) consistent with science in the unified Oneness and Dependent Nature of all [manifestations / diversities], (2) having embedded "epistemic objectives" of the defined Latin Humanitas [ biology, compassion, wisdom ] leading to modern Human Rights. We equate wisdom with "Prajna" having the sense of Right and Wrong as in the prajna division of Gotama's Eightfold Path. We show from any considered event, there is a Gateway-to-Oneness that transcends conflicting conditions toward higher/deeper [Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience]. We logically show the foundation of Prajna is Compassion, and the Gateway-to-Oneness can be right at the event in the gradual process of cultivation to naturally and sufficiently Purify the tainted senses. We will further show below that all signed posts in the gradual process - according to one's highest stable achievement - can be collapsed at the present moment of the [ Event / Gateway-to-Oneness / discovered signed posts ] due to Intensity-of-Attention or the serious mind.

We look at any event and the central question about the nature of living and being which is Gotama's identified [ Dukkha / Suffering ], and what is required for a fundamental change[R6.3]. Current solution is to manage it at duality level - including psychological suffering - to make life easier without any fundamental change. It just pushes the issue to another darker corner of the mind. Organised religions bully humanity based on Greed and Fear in boosting[D19] what the criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] do not know nor have. Our answer / solution is formulated as necessary to Free one from tainted senses - the direct experience of transcendental states to activate the Natural Purification process - and sufficient condition with modern tool to know more about oneself using both the cultivable Normative Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to directly face one's consequences at the bottom line. At the event on the duality plane, there are huge information and tested solutions from various angles of any event, concerning innumerable aspects that make up current modern society. All these scientifically tested solutions can be used with one important additional factor of cultivable Normative Intelligence to make people the centre of all activities and relationships, coming from people and serving people.

Let's have a rough stroke of how proven processes of modern society can be integrated with cultivable normative intelligence in higher consciousness to enable people the centres of all activities in Making Life Easier and Happier according to Human Rights. Free todo-list such as Google Keep is a common tool in modern society. Specialized applications of this simple but practical list are Care-list, Learn-list, Trip-list, Test-list, etc. Plans are basically lists of todo-list going through custom execution steps whose outcomes can be measurable based on both positive and normative evaluations for feedback to automatically change the plans according to rules and/or strategically change the directions and/or priorities. Porfolios are lists of plans. Balanced Scorecard and Portfolio Performance are well-understood management tools to be used with Artificial Intelligence to drive the fourth Industrial Revolution driven by people to serve people and their environments. We are at the cross road of higher evolution in higher consciousness, and in unique opportunity to make it sustainable. Here is a prototype before we get back to a deliverable bigger picture of Samadhi-Prajna to strategically push complex event toward a Right Direction seen from higher view of [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ].

The gradual process in meditation demands a step back from the event to [ either move to the Source / or immediately touch the source ] then higher/deeper along the [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ] dimension to one's possible peak for a direct perception of the event. The advantage of this route is to (1) solidly know the depth of one's observable detachment for one's Right Effort such as loosening the binding force of indoctrinated Word/Image or authority figure, and clinging force of thought so one can look at any event according to Thing-As-It-Is, (2) verify the importance of Detachment / No Mind Enclosure / No preconceived idea to all manifestations (of the past, present, and possible future), (3) clearly see one's actuality and what needed in the Right Effort according to tested road maps of previous explorers. Here are basically scientific processes to be tested and validated by others, different from the personal claims to be imposed on others as Faith Which can be Right Or Wrong as Jesus's Faith on the claimed God. Unless one is very honest and constantly engages in present living where one's efforts can be statistically measurable at the bottom line, one's self-evaluation is usually boosting, claiming to know what one does not know to see what one does not see[D19].

In many cases - such as life and death of war - highest stable Samadhi-Prajna is required. Graphically, the { Event / Gateway-to-Oneness / highest possible [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ]} is reduced to one point at the presence for a direct perception of the situation and one's strategic move. This is the practicality of HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna. He defines "Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna [for Right Understanding], while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi [for Right Motivation]" in applying the Eightfold Path. This instant moment is also Krishnamurti's Intensity of Attention, Jesus's Faith. The movement from [Relative Truth] or [Imaginary Nature - Dependent Nature] on the duality plane to high above on the plane of TRUTH is called the [Ultimate (Wider) Truth in Buddhist Madhyamaka] or [Perfected Nature in Buddhist Consciousness-Only]. HuiNeng Samadhi-Prajna is the verifiable process of Soyen Shaku's {[God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality} or illusions due to one's tainted senses and innumerable outdated marks, Not Seing Thing-As-It-Is.

The invisible dimension of [ Conscience / Wisdom / Prajna ] is visible under both gradual process of [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ] and sudden Samadhi-Prajna for an Insight and Practicality of the Emptiness. The insight comes from a Totally Fresh view of the event. The practicality comes from direct perception of one's strategic point at the event despite swarm of forces directly and indirectly affecting the event. The insight and practicality cover only half the power of [ Emptiness / Sunyata ]. The second half come from one's layers of body and astral shells to direct cosmic energy for "self" protection and/or helping others toward a Right Direction. Here is a demonstration of how to use the body shell to direct the cosmic energy[R11]. A living student known among us as a Sound Specialist can use the astral shell to direct the cosmic energy to be an active part in foiling the plots of Illuminati dark forces.

Practitioners under KhaiPhong at different measurable levels can personally testify that the infusion of Equanimity will loosen the Grips of Binding Word, and the infusion of Purity will break the Clinging Thought since Mindfulness now can sense the source and motivation of the arising Thought to properly manage one's Actuality (such as sexual drives in most adults). Learned Buddhists can immediately recognize this is the starting implementation of 'Verifiable Emptiness'[D26] summarised by Nagarjuna[D48], [D47] "(page 107) For whom emptiness is tenable for him everything becomes tenable".

HuiNeng demonstrated that one does not need to read any Buddhist Text and/or know the above complexity, since the Buddha Nature is innate in everyone. It is not a Buddhist Study that counts but a practical service like a medical doctor knowing both the theory (conditioned / sankhara-dukkha) and its practical aspects (changing / viparinama-dukkha) to change the miserable situation into manageable solution and make it happened for others. This consciousness knowing can be specialized for deeper and wider practical applications in Making Life Easier and Happier. The complexity of proven scientific facts, of tested solutions (drugs) and required facilities are dedicated to field specializations. Gotama answered the question: How can I start at Present Moment from where I am in the instructions to Kalamas[D23] to know more about one's 'casual' Prajna or Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm): Kalamas, when you yourselves know: 'These things are good; these things are not blamable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness, enter on and abide in them. This is Gotama's 'Charter of Free Inquiry - Tư-duy Tự-do' to start a Conscious Living on the Path of the true Heart and "Stay Close - Then What" to the practicality of the Present Living.

The advice is to be Aware of your Instinct, Rational Thinking supported by hard evidences, and something Beyond from ComPassion and Prajna. The Awareness has its own Clarity and Insight, outside all involved conditioned boxes. You know the manifestation of Prajna (Wisdom) as you move along from any claimed duality - such as emptiness-prajna, meditation(thiền)-doctrine(giáo), effort-detachment, relative-ultimate, dependent-perfected, mindfulness-prajna, samadhi-prajna, wrong-right, levitation, kungfu, swirling, faith, vajrayana, tantra, god, allah, amitayus, (all current forms of) science serving humanity, all conflicting events at personal, community, country, and international level, etc - to its Source [ Gateway-to-Oneness / Wisdom / Prajna ] then along the vertical dimension of [ Wisdom / Prajna / Conscience ] to higher/deeper commonly known as Prajna-Paramita in all planes of Truth (commonly known as rafts) orthogonal to the cross-cut duality planes of existence or scientifically proven processes in Taming The Ox, enabling different depths of Sunyata through the signed posts of Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) solidified in daily activities.

Buddhist 2500+ years of stagnant within-the-box ivory tower talk about the Dependent Nature of existence and its Emptiness, but ignore the Source of Oneness in the normative intelligence of the Right driven by cultivable Prajna and the Wrong driven by the darkness of Ignorance, exactly as the current state of physical science driven by shiner manifestations to divorce from its source of humanitas compassion and prajna. Injecting the cultivable normative intelligence into the positive measurable intelligence we turn all conflicting angles of duality right side up where each person/agent is the centre of all worthy activities and relationships, fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part. Measurable degree of Right/Wrong of the Effort feedback together with fact-based evaluations can be integrated parts of Artificial Intelligence to change both the agent pattern and its activities / relationships which quickly change the event toward a right direction of What Count[R23] at both the micro and macro levels in both behaviour and patterns.

Let's explore the practicality of this manifested [ Oneness / Wisdom / Prajna / Conscience ] in all events from macro level of Complexity economics to micro level and their dynamic feedback Dependent Nature where the true Democracy of Human Right according to the Latin Humanitas can be sustainable.

Just like a flash of no-conflict 'light happiness' known by a Good Samaritan that one may not recognise before the "Oneness / Thing-As-It-Is" state is solidified with one's Mindfulness, you will initially have a glimpse of this Equanimity and Purity states especially in formal PrajnaTIPs (Dhyana) effortlessly enabling the Sunyata Nothingness, similar to one's black-hole, rejuvenate binding thoughts and clinging forces. With the presence of Mindfulness, the Equanimity and Purity states will gradually solidify and become clearer.

Gradually, the power of Equanimity loosens the Grip of 'Binding Word' that one has been conditioned for so long. Mindfulness becomes clearer and easy to be beyond thought thanks to the "Detachment / Vô Trụ" in the first observable attribute. Similarly, when the Purity state is solidified one will naturally detach from 'Clinging Thought' entangled in one's behaviour pattern embedded in one's present Physical and Mental States. The detachment is even easier if one has known the Expanding Space, Expanding Consciousness, Sunyata Nothingness due to the charming force of the Mother Nature. The 'detachment' process is effortless and natural; there is only an observable sign that one is more relaxed and HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity). These qualities are visible fragrances of Kindness (mettā - tâm từ), Empathy (karuṇā - tâm bi), Joy (muditā - tâm hỷ), Detachment (upekkhā - tâm xả) from the four Boundless Qualities of the Mind (TỨ VÔ LƯỢNG TÂM) in ones's daily activities via Right Speech, Right Action, and Right Livelihood. The process enables outer manifestations of inner cultivation in "Verifiable Emptiness".

That is the process how Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) drives Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) of Detachment (Vô Trụ) and Beyond Thought (Vô Tướng) to see 'Thing As It Is' for the manifestation of Prajna at different depths where Prajna helps dissolve Clinging (Karmic) Forces exactly as the answer to Ajita's Question[D22]. In that process, the senses are Purified, naturally separated from Clinging Forces as described by Sariputta[D27] in the presence of Gotama at the mountain top in momentary 'cessation of perception and feeling' (ninth observable attribute of Right Inner Peace). Logical description of the driving process between Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) and Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm), as well as attributes of the first four observable attributes of Right Inner Peace do not give enough justice for the importance of Actual Experience of Oneness which is far beyond conflicting thoughts ever known in one's life-after-life, entering into different depths of Oneness, and most importantly the actual experience of Prajna on the Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định).

The writer wishes to sufficiently communicate the importance of these first hand experiences to what he and his friends actually observe in the real lives of many well-known players including founders of great Cultures and Religions such as highly evolved entities in Hindu, Tao, Confucius, Buddhist, Christianity, Islam, etc, taking thousands years of evolution, yet only having a glimpse of this precious know-how which is the Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) at Beyond Thought (Vô Tướng) and Detachment (Vô Trụ) to imply No-Mark (Vô Vết) once the action is completed.

In connecting the dots together and communicating this very subtle part - we hope to shorten the path for many others - ready to take it to their True Hearts to see the entangles of innumerable things in one's 'Binding Word', 'Clinging Thought' and the subtle entanglements of many things in the 'Sex Energy' to veil one's Clarity and Insight in seeing 'Thing As It Is' which is within the capability of every person Innate Buddha Nature to know the Right and the Unworthy relevant to one's Present Moment in one's Continuity of the Consciousness. 'Ready to take it to the True Heart' has degrees just like different depths of HonNhien mind and can only happen in Actual Living, out of the Ivory tower of Buddhist Sangha in the past 2500+ years.

In this Actual Living guided by [ ComPassion, Detachment, HonNhien, and Prajna ] the entanglements of innumerable things in the senses are naturally separated for an Awareness Beyond Thought (Vô Tướng). That separation is basically a scientific method to know a little more about oneself, to clearly see the causes and effects of contributed attributes reflected through one's Buddha Nature for an appropriate Right (Normative) Action from Prajna in seeing 'Thing-As-It-Is' with infusion of something outside all conditioned boxes. At the top of Inner Peace, the Nirvana of the Present Moment or Actual Cessation of Dukkha, it is described as: 'his sense organs are purified'[D27].

That Purification is the process to naturally separate the sense from other accumulated karmic forces that Buddhist scholars can only logically explain at Thought level. A thought of Emptiness and Nothingness is Not Empty and Nothing, since there is still a Thought which is even 'Grosser than Love'. Experiencing the Equanimity third observable attribute of Right Inner Peace, which is the Foundation of Mindfulness as described by Gotama[D29], will make loose the Grips of Binding Word. Knowing the Purity of Right Inner Peace, the Grips of Clinging Thought will loose its power to enslave one in its conditioned box of Idols and Utopia driven by the Grasp-er and the Grasped. These are not imaginary theories but actual precious experience of few living students, taking the challenge being pioneers and daring against thousands years of esoteric master-slave relationships in 'the Right Thing to do'.

In summary, available solutions such as [ Gotama's Mindfulness-Prajna, qualified Bodhidharma's Detachment-Prajna, HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna, and AwakeningBudh's Compassion-Prajna ] come to [ Oneness / Prajna / Conscience / Ultimate (Wider) Truth ] from any conflicting event via "transcendental sensing" along the No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] on the duality plane of the event (Relative Truth) to be "naturally lifted" to the TRUTH plane of the event for wider perspective of the event and one's strategic position to change the event toward What Count. It is the real Prajna measurable at the bottom-line of fact-based Effort to demonstrate whether one's effort coming from Prajna or Ignorance. That is how Prajna dispels Ignorance or Ignorance is effortlessly transformed in Prajna.

The real Prajna naturally makes one do something for the environment - even much stronger than Empathy - as the case of Gotama in his 45+ years of spreading his discoveries. Mindfulness / Alertness is naturally awaken whenever required, otherwise proven functionalities of the senses are operational. It is not like what hardcore professional scam artists[R18.4] in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha, trying so hard to seriously prove what they do not know yet claimed to know do not see yet claimed to see[D19] in destroying their own lives and the lives of their followers as warned by HuiNeng 1000+ years ago. It is more like a herd of wild animals leisurely enjoying themselves. But suddenly, everything is in high alert when an unseen danger is directly perceived beyond physical senses! Humanity has advanced very far on the duality plane of existence. It is the time for a new frontier of Conscious Living, bringing to light natural laws operating in No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] for the manifestation of Being in all activities and relationships of living.

This transcendental Mindfulness makes Gotama [ MahaSatipatthana Sutta / The Great Frames of Reference / Tứ niệm xứ[D25] ] practical again in wider perspective of [ body, feeling, mind, and mental qualities ] by providing transcendental technologies and processes to pass Gateway-to-Oneness, reaching minimum qualified (Equanimity / Third Jhana) level of Mindfulness and Detachment[D22]. In the [Dependent Nature of the present states of one's Relationships with the World 'As It Is'], one is a part to change the Consuming and Producing patterns of the environment toward a Normative Economics of What Count[R23] at both micro and macro levels. The outcome of this complex 'Dependent Nature' in dynamic 'Learning and Doing' depends not only to one's action, but also the actions taken by other involved parties, commonly known as market forces, counter-part negotiations, etc, which can be intelligently supplemented with hard facts via Analytics (advanced, predictive, enterprise) and Artificial Intelligence (Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence). Accumulated data from these snapshots, together with other required information practically facilitate 'knowing more about oneself and optimise one's evolution in Continuity of the Consciousness'.

With the injection of transcendental Mindfulness - capable to sense the source of thought to properly manage oneself - Gotama [ MahaSatipatthana Sutta / The Great Frames of Reference / Tứ niệm xứ[D25] ] is a powerful tool to sense Thing-As-It-Is recently exposed in its translation by a Vietnamese scholar (1) to deepen the understanding of Dependent Nature in Duality Consciousness using one's container [ Body >< Mind >< Effort ] and in No-Conflict Consciousness via the interaction of "self" with the layers of one's eighth consciousness for Value of the values in one's continuity of the consciousness, (2) to widen the understanding of Dependent Nature in Tantra Vertical Switch where the Right Inner Peace[D13] in common vibration of energy of True Caring and Sharing - even stronger than Empathy - take over the attached sexual pleasure due to natural Detachment that at the right time we will share with Tibetan Tantric Monastic Schools and the world, and (3) to drive humanity from [ international / cultural / religious / racial / etc ] conflicting events toward a harmonious developments based on invisible hands of natural laws and economics.

3. Moral Issue - Universal Moral Value

Based on observable Dependent Nature and sensing of the Oneness, philosophers - lovers of TRUTH - have poked into the meaning of Morality which is from the Latin moralis "manner, character, proper behaviour". It is the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are distinguished as proper and those that are improper which is commonly known as Normative Intelligence. Moral Value can be a body of standards or principles derived from a code of conduct from a particular philosophy, religion or culture, or it can derive from a standard that a person believes should be universal.

The beliefs from all religions and philosophies - up to 2017 - have been created to meet human needs of something bigger from outside, commonly known as Type 1 and Type 2 Errors[R9]. Riding on this "Self Deception" in human evolution, all organised religions are created - having a backup from dark esoteric forces - to enforce masters-slaves relationships. Gotama was one of the dedicated explorers attempting to breakup this Vicious Circle of [ Ignorance >< Attachment >< Aversion ] with discovered natural laws for heavy lifting. Unfortunately, his discoveries have been intentionally distorted by hardcore professional scam artists not knowing yet claimed to know not seeing yet claimed to see from within his Buddhist Sangha[D19].

Besides turning upside-down Gotama's Eightfold Path of Not-Self and Self interaction into a one dimension conflicting Self process of [ Ethical Code > Concentration > Prajna - Giới > Định > Tuệ ][D46] where Not-Self is only a concept, not a reality in actual living. What humanity needs is a living entry level to Not-Self - Empathy sensing people need and do something about it - that the entire history of Buddhist Sangha and claimed religious leaders missed up to 2017. Let's look at the Moral Issue [Sin / Tội] and [Purity-of-the Mind / Tâm-Tịnh] in search for some lasting value in intelligent existence where the sources causing Purity of the Mind may come from different angles asserted/discovered by humanity up to 2017.

In monotheism, [God / Allah] is a supreme Creator that all must follow - even in horrible acts of extreme violence and genocide as stories told in the bible - for possible "salvation and eternal assistance". This philosophy is illogical and against the Thing-As-It-Is of Natural Laws of conditioned (sankhara-dukkha) and changing (viparinama-dukkha) existence due to the second law of thermodynamics. In Christianity - scammed by criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] from Roman Catholic Church - people are indoctrinated as sinners, knowing nothing about the ultimate/absolute Right and Wrong and must be saved by the Redeemer where the popes and priests are gatekeepers[R18], [R18.1], [R18.2] collecting taxes from those wanted to be saved. We prove above that Jesus Wrong Faith rendered him a religious fanatic and being exploited as "Redeemer" by esoteric criminal God that he called the Father. The second law of thermodynamics proves that the esoteric criminal God is only a part of the Whole, fully responsible for his actions and consequences.

Via playing a small part in foiling masters-slaves relationships from Illuminati New World Order, we esoterically know their degeneration to the quality not fit to be a human being to neutralise their steaming energy of extreme violence and sex among themselves. It logically, scientifically and empirically shows no one can be above Thing-As-It-Is Natural Laws, the Principle of Cosmic Order briefly known as Dharma. Discovering these Natural Laws - Making Life Easier and Happier - is the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong. Only in Budh Dharma, we can find the causes of [Sin / Wrong Effort] where everyone is a creator of one's own right fully responsible for one's action and the environment one a part, plus assertion of a logical possible solution in [Purity-of-the-Mind / Oneness / Sunyata] due to Gotama's discoveries. The Moral Issue boils down to Normative Judgement and Effort on any event viewed from one's angle along the dimension of [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ] high above and perpendicular to the plane of duality of all events.

The discoveries coming from [Purity-of-the-Mind / Oneness / Sunyata] - transcending conflicting duality at binding-clinging [Word / Images / Thought] and beyond - to reachable consciousness[D26], [D29], [D30] have been esoterically sabotaged right from the beginning of Gotama's Sangha since his discoveries go against group benefits in masters-slaves relationships. We esoterically know the degeneration of many named Buddhas in Buddhism, similar to the groups of God and Allah. Let's look at its well-known assertions: "(1) Tội sinh ra vì tâm bất tịnh / Sin is born due to Impure Mind, (2) Tâm đã tịnh rồi, tội liền tiêu / Once Purity-of-the-Mind is reached, sin is dissolved, (3) Tội tiêu tâm tịnh, thảy đều không / Sin and Purity-of-the-Mind is Empty, (4) Đó mới thực là chân sám hối / That really is true repentance”. Please stop here to see the tricks at Word / Thought of 2500+ years cheating processes of Buddhist professional scam artists.

The first assertion is logically acceptable as explained in Buddhist 12 links of causes and effects. Here are some possible alternatives to immediately expose hard-core persistent professional scam artists in their imaginary elephant to boost what they do not know nor have since they have not passed "the Gateway-to-Oneness", knowing nothing about transcendental states and totally within the box of their Binding Word/Image and Clinging Thought[D19]: (1.a) Tội do tâm khởi, do tâm diệt / Sin is generated by the Mind and dissolved by the Mind or (1.b) Tánh tội vốn không do tâm tạo / The Essence of Sin is Empty and generated by the Mind. You can find out this 2500+ years of cheating in Not Knowing yet claimed to know, Not Seeing yet claimed to see by forcing them to describe their Actual Experience in Transcendental States since most have not touched the "Gateway-to-Oneness".

The second assertion - without exposing how the [Purity-of-the-Mind / Oneness / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature] is reached from the [tainted mind / duality / relative truth / imaginary nature] - is definitely coming from persistent professional scam artists[D19], violating Gotama's ethical codes if coming from monks / nuns / Buddhists. This has happened in entire history of Buddhist Sangha up to 2017 since Gotama did not know the scientific process in the Dependent Nature of No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] to (1) waste six years of hard practices until he recalled the HonNhien experience with tremendous compassion for living beings when being a child, and (2) designed the wrong tools[D24], [D25] for the right job using transcendental Mindfulness-Prajna[D22]

It is similar to a thought (meditation not at the transcendental level) of Emptiness in Nagarjuna Madhyamaka is not Empty. A "thought/concept of avoiding duality" as taught by an esoteric impostor Maitreya is already a duality. The third assertion is designed to "knock Gotama's discovered pieces of Truth down", killing all "Intensity-of-Attention" naturally generated in recognising the Sinful Act and its consequences, the Person doing the Act, and possible changes due to Volition / Freewill / Sankhara from Wrong Effort (causing Sufferings for one and the environment one a part) driven by Ignorance to Right Effort driven by cultivable Prajna in one's innate Budh (Buddha Nature). Armies of persistent professional scam artists ride on Gotma's credibility, making very unworthy living as exposed in the fourth assertion for their blah-blah-blah of cheating rituals in "true repentance" and solutions based on Fears and Ignorance, just like the indoctrinated sinners from Christianity totally relied on faked redeemer.

No one in 2500+ years of Buddhism - and most in higher realms according to our direct experience - know this state of "True Repentance" due to Purity-of-the-Mind, exactly as described in the Heart Sutra[R2], "Effortlessly Knowing" the "Beyond Thought / Wu-Nien", "No-Mark", "Detachment" coming from HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna. We are aware of two living persons knowing this state of mind since it is directly related to their past experience 7000+ years ago and the need to "dissolve the karmic force" according to Gotama's advice to Ajita. This subtle sabotage is similar to Gotama's Mindfulness, capable to restrict and obstruct all karmic forces with a possibility of dissolving them via Prajna[D22] is replaced by "Concentration under the mask of Mindfulness" blah blah blah by persistent professional scam artists - not able to pass through the Gateway-to-Oneness - using Samatha to replace Gotama's Samadhi and Vipassana to replace Gotama's Prajna in perpetuating masters-slaves relationships.

If we consider one as an open container of different layers of conflicting consciousness - due to a very long past evolution - having innumerable tainted / outdated marks, interacting with outside conscious volition, we see a very complex environment where one is fully responsible for one's quality and its surrounding environments. Ultimately, it is a change in the quality of one's consciousness that counts since it determines the next abode of one's existence. At the time of forming container, the quality of the container depends on the quality of its contents leading to observable forms in wide ranges. Thanks to the Sound Specialist and our direct interactions in foiling the dark forces, we see two distinct containers and their contents: the body container and the "core/soul" container having energy and consciousness as their respective contents. That may be a reason why the "Mind" in the West is considered to be located in the brain together with the soul in "[ Body >< Mind >< Soul ]" while in the East, Mind is located at the Heart, and "[ Body >< Mind >< Effort ]" can be subjectively measurable as Right Effort or Wrong Effort for a conscious living with Mindfulness. Since any Effort is measurable after hard facts of the execution at both objective and subjective sense, Gotama's advice to Ajita about functionalities of Mindfulness and Prajna[D22] can be investigated at different depths, and statistically tested at clearly defined signed posts where beyond Gateway-to-Oneness is the unbinding Word/Image and unclinging Though.

On top of this are volitional activities of others - either good commonly known as esoteric helps ( God / Allah / Angel / Buddha / Bodhisattva) or bad voodoo[R8], [R9] - to affect the quality of one's consciousness. It is similar to a physical disease where there are many influencing factors and possible solutions that only statistically proven approach in the science of medicine can help to alleviate parts of sufferings. More important than the physical science, the quality of the consciousness is influenced not only at the Form level via Intensity of Attention due to [ the Right-Thing to-do / Conscience / Prajna ] but also at the Energy level due to the Right conditions - called PrajnaLand - of discovered Natural Laws and ability of qualified students directing cosmic energy toward a target. Most important of all is the discovered Oneness, the source for reborn and rejuvenation of all duality manifestations. All these point to the relevance of the Science and Economics of KhaiPhong.

The "Degeneration of Moral Values" has been globally happening since (1) the bullying of humanity through Fear and Greed by criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] were fully exposed to strip "moral masks of crooked religious and world leaders", (2) the democracy and freedom of choice were illusions proven by tainted senses from Buddhist Dharma and hard evidences proving US Governments - up to 2017 - manipulation of public / world opinions by cunning elites from Illuminati New World Order driven by the Right and Wrong of extreme Left and Right while majority of people are drugged in the binding Word/Image and clinging thought via organized religions, corruptions of agents in authorities called by George Soros as the dichotomy / duality of market participant and political participant, in combination with mass propaganda, (3) the human right coming from Latin "humanitas" of (a) biological existence, (b) various moral concepts of Enlightenment [ Prajna ], and (c) inherent ability to have compassion for other humans [ Compassion ] have been lost due to corrupted immoral benefits to enslave humanity at masters-slaves relationships.

When PrajnaTIP in Sound is properly implemented, many will be able to pass the Gateway-to-Oneness, turning Gotama's personal opinion of his achievable samadhis into epistemic objectives of Thing-As-It-Is. The Moral Issues and Solutions in Right Understanding and Right Motivation of any event is not any more exclusive domain of religions, bullying humanity for an exclusive legal or cultural Right but totally failed up to 2017. Using these epistemic objectives of "Samadhi / Right Inner Peace" as scientific tools, many other vertical switches such as (1) PrajnaTIP in Sound, (2) Tantra, (3) Aspiration via faith, music, dancing, painting, etc, (4) ComPassion, (5) Detachment, and (6) PrajnaTIP in Kindness will be further discovered, scientifically implemented and value added. Having the mass capable to know Oneness, the Raison D'être of innovations and applications will come from people, executed by people and for people toward What Count[R23]. There is no more conflicts between socially acceptable religions and sciences.

In the market economy, Complexity economics sees the economy not as a system in equilibrium, but as one in motion, perpetually constructing itself anew due to dynamic changing both demands and supplies, and the types if we start to introduce Normative Intelligence toward What Count[R23]. It uses computational rather than mathematical analysis to explore how economic structure is formed and reformed, in continuous interaction with the adaptive behavior of the 'agents' in the economy. This non-linearity is a key point to properly deal with the nested structure of the data which must be part of the underlying dynamic data model for eventually consistent of an evolving system driven by subjective resource allocations of all involved participants.

Research has shown that no two separate micro-events are completely isolated, and there is a statistical relationship that forms a macroeconomic structure. The relationship is not always in one direction; there is a reciprocal influence when feedback is in operation. Classical proof is in input-output data where producing energy needs machines and producing machines need energy. Economics theory has talked about long term equilibrium. In integration between economics time series and input-output, it has been mathematically proved there exists an inverse matrix in solving many thousands simultaneous equations for a consistent system. Distributed databases in modern complex economics have also been proved to be eventually consistent. Hence, the integration of Normative and Artificial Intelligence has mathematically proven to be feasible in eventually consistent model to enable people the centres of all economic activities and relationships in Universal Moral Value of the values where everyone can be a part. It is Universal according to Thing-As-It-Is natural laws to be discovered and shared. It is Moral due to Normative Intelligence contributed by all concerned parties. This rationally comes together between the economic Haves and HaveNots is target of KhaiPhong. Putting ourselves in the economic HaveNots, we use the Normative Haves in Making Life Easier and Happier, and economic know-how of good return in investments in Universal (Moral) Value of the values to attract the Haves in their most significant learning and doing. Together we will equalise the playing fields for both the Haves and HaveNots in a new Golden Era of humanity.

George Soros argues at the philosophical level that it is OK for the market participant to make money in a market economy even on the average the action causes more harm than good since if one does not do some other - being equally intelligent - will do it to ride on the opportunity. But, when one represents people - being a political participant - one has a moral value and responsibility with the represented people. This is not the case according to Thing-As-It-Is, having bottom line hard evidences that corruption driven by the Greed of Power under the narrow scope of any utopia is much worse than corruptions of money. These create favourable attributes for soft Intelligence coup d'etat / regime change, leading to the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Just like anything one needs to take any claim with a grain of salt, waiting for more hard evidences. Dr. Soros plays his game well at both sides of human conscience - immoral in making money and moral in advocating enforceable laws - according to the Latin humanitas. The conflicting duality turns him into a cunning elite just like a Catholic Pope[R18.2], [R18.1], [R18], destroying himself and others at both sides of the extreme, including the moral side in his view, or the "Faith and Love side of any Pope". The quality of his - or the Pope's - identifiable stream of consciousness would not serve him in this life and in longer continuity of the consciousness which cannot be destroyed but transformed.

It is scientifically proven above that one can theoretically act on all events from the reachable Oneness and high above in [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience ]. From that wider view one can see strategic position toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23] in one's continuity of the consciousness. The Moral Issue boils down to the Non-Duality decision based on [ Conscience / Wisdom / Prajna ] on the plane of TRUTH - having no inner conflict with possible minimum outer conflict - of any event.

The Non-Duality is cultivable via Understanding of Dependent Nature, Emptiness, Detachment, No-Mark once action completed, evidenced from an honest exposition of a Vietnamese monk[D24] at the Gateway-to-Oneness, not yet passing binding Word/Image, and clinging Though (sở tri chướng) as evidenced in the monk's life-time exposition of the Heart Sutra[R2]. It is the Self and Selfless Actualisation from Being Need, the Oneness[R6] manifested through Compassion and Wisdom known in the Latin Humanitas as compassion and wisdom. This consciousness dimension is discovered by Gotama 2500+ years ago and value-added by many dedicated explorers to wait for a Right Place and Right Time to be reborn and revitalised into a Science of Consciousness, automatically solving Soros's agent problem which has been exploited due to not having sufficient critical mass (7% upward) to (1) naturally turn the exploitation of the loophole into a practical solution of smaller share in a much bigger pie for the benefit of the Whole, (2) see a longer and wider moral value of one's action to change the quality of one's consciousness and environment toward What Count[R23]. It is similar to Change Management accidentally discovered in Vietnamese 1945 August Uprising in the Nation Quest for Independence and Freedom, but exploited by others via a painted cake of communist utopia. Having sufficient critical mass knowing Value of the values, Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] turned the whole community into a single unit to work for a common cause which is also the Right Condition for the working of Invisible and Statistically Moral Hand of Economics.

The new Era has been arrived to Awaken that innate Budh in every person, knowing more about oneself and the environment one a part, having solutions for Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei moving among conflicting Duality with cultivable Detachment - No Obstruction from Manifestation and Emptiness / Hửu Không Vô Ngại[D34] - to answer the challenge that "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality[R6]". By raising the level of consciousness - knowing more about oneself in the longer and wider view from discovered natural laws underlying one's Quality and Continuity of the identifiable stream of Consciousness - one can make money in market economy and use the money as an opportunity to do good according to Action-Reaction plus a privilege to have "hand-on experience" to actually learn the underlying conditions of higher quality in "Compassion and Wisdom (Prajna)" underlying the Latin Humanitas and its derived Human Rights. We like to work with the "Haves" to use your available resources toward What most Count for yourself and the environment where you are a part, Now and Near Future.

The Detachment can be statistically measurable at six manifested signed posts of Gotama's Mindfulness-Prajna[D22] or HuiNeng's Samadhi-Prajna[R5]. We appeal to all people seeing this possibility get together, making the Corner Stone of the New Era an Actuality for many generations to come where everyone has equal right to value-add and part of this new Era, harmoniously orchestrated by Invisible and Helping Hand of Natural Laws underlying the Latin "humanitas" [ Compassion - Prajna ] due to Normative Intelligence from the Dependent Nature of Existence, changing oneself and the environment[R10] toward What Count[R23]. The "Corner Stone" is based on three-prong strategy targeted all people: the Haves from top layer, the HaveNots from bottom layer, and the stakeholders running current organisations, enabling everyone an Agent of Changes. The Have - with available resources to do Good - gets the opportunity to know more about oneself and what most important in one's Value of the values. The HaveNot has opportunities to know more about oneself via Right Effort moving toward responsible stakeholder. The stakeholder is forced to actually know more about oneself in measurable Taming The Ox. That "three-prong strategy" is trekking along Trần Thái Tông three-legs donkey[R7.3] riding on Gotama's three divisions of Eightfold Path: [ Prajna >< Virtue >< Stability ].

This Corner Stone from the Haves, HaveNots and Stakeholders of the New Era is now visible in the aftermath of the foiled Illuminati New World Order. The Moral Value of the values and its cultivable processes is very relevant to those (1) being At Home directly facing one's realities and What Right in Actuality, and (2) having sufficient 'Conscience - The Right Thing to do - Prajna - Ultimate (Wider) Truth - Kingdom of God within' to change oneself and the environment one a part. The description is not the described and with the innate "Oneness / Buddha Nature / Kingdom of God from within / Conscience / Prajna / Ultimate (Wider) Truth" one can know the Right and Wrong of measurable efforts which directly affect the quality of one's consciousness in fact-based statistical significance of both individual and the aggregates.

The "Universal Moral Value" according to Natural Laws perpendicular to duality plane of conflicting events has its own "safety check" in the layered dependent nature of No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1]. Once the foundation layers of Kindness and Empathy are not there, the Prajna of [ Not-Self / Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Conscience / Kingdom of God from within ] on the Compassion tree deep rooted in Sunyata is lost. There is only the cunning intelligence of Hegelian dialectic on the duality plane of conflicting events of zero-sum game I win you loose. The quality of one's consciousness is degenerated until something happened to reawaken one's conscience toward a Right Direction of What Count[R23]. This is in fact what happened to the esoteric [ Lucifer / degenerated Gods, Allah, Buddhas ] filtering down to their slaves in Illuminati New World Order.

In reverse engineering the very precious and long process of Right Effort having many "watch-outs" of first-hand painful cracks, we discover "Thing-As-It-Is" layered Dependent Nature of No-Conflict Consciousness[R2.1] different from Duality Consciousness on duality plane of conflicting events to scientifically explain the degeneration and costly lessons learned from highly evolved beings and inner circles of the Illuminati elites. In the aftermath of the foiled Illuminati New World Order those who are still living can live with their conscience to reverse the degeneration process in their Continuity of the Consciousness.

Esoterically, we learned from from a not-degenerated member of the Illuminati inner circles that those controlling over 50 billions US dollars upward are identified elites. You were selected because of your past achievements and comparative advantages. Be honest and see for yourself if you are able to be Aware of the driving forces (the sources) of your thoughts properly managing your realities exactly as Gotama's advice to Ajita[D22] using your transcendental Mindfulness-Prajna that all Buddhist Professional Scam Artists[R18.4] cannot even pass the Gateway-to-Oneness. If not, the "safety check" in you has been activated according to Thing-As-It-Is of Natural Laws. It is now the time to use available resources that you cannot carry on at the end of this life cycle to reverse the degeneration process in your "Continuity of the Consciousness" according to Natural Purification[D27]. We can help; your sustainable works may last even beyond current life time. If you are controlling 5 billions dollars upward, and in the past communicated by the image of an Owl, you are the elite outer edges as we esoterically know the reincarnation of the claimed Buddha King Trần Nhân Tông in the East and of Saint Francis of Assisi in the West.

We use the word 'Unmoving Sunyata' inspired by HuiNeng self-introduction instead of Nirvana to stress the dynamic process of Learning and Doing and Then What, not just the target knowable under human condition and then exploited by criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4], cheating humanity in not knowing yet claimed to know not seeing yet claimed to see[D19]. Similarly, we use the word 'Sunyata Nothingness' to show subtler levels of Consciousness and may be something more but outside the Consciousness domain of human realm, partly touched in Buddhayana texts such as Prajnaparamita, Lankavatara, etc. We use 'Expanding Space' and 'Expanding Consciousness' instead of 'Infinite Space' and 'Infinite Consciousness' to show the dynamic nature of experience rather the static utopia of 'Infinite' at thought level. A thought of 'Infinite' is not 'mathematical infinite'.

Therefore, from the Actuality of Real Pains or Inner Quest (the Right Thing to do), one directly knows the manifestation of "Prajna" and its required conditions to have much wider perspective of relative Worthy Existence. Applying that wider perspective on the deep rooted Sunyata, one has a Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm)[D12] to transform all karmic forces into manageable existence (such as sexual drives, fears, phobias, uncontrollable urges and greed of many things, etc) and the Sunyata Nothingness to enable a Freshness and Rejuvenation of all conditioned manifestations in a Worthy Existence (Sat) of SatChitSunyata.

It is like No Gravity in the Vacuum, and the ability of effortlessly moving from one state to others for a naturally reborn and rejuvenation out of the Sunyata. Both Gravity and Vacuum states are parts of Natural Laws under different conditions. Similarly, both Dukkha and Nirvana are parts of the Natural Laws discovered by Gotama. The role of all qualified Explorers is to logically Know its road map for required Right Efforts, personally Verify it in one's Continuity of the Consciousness toward What Count, then Spread it out, enabling the scientific process widely benefiting the communities wherever one happens to be due to the Dependent Nature of Existence. This wider perspective can be possibly valid, extended to thousands years into the future for the benefits of many generations to come. It is commonly known as the Vision, or probability of the Right Outcome of any significant event as mathematically described in Quantum Mechanics.

Prajna (Conscience and more) is observable in daily activities and cultivable to understand more about oneself and the 'Issues' of the Present Moment that we wish to make it happened to all students in AwakeningBudh Movement, out of the confusion (up to 2017) of current Buddhist Sangha into the practical "Thing As It Is". Back to the democratizing KhaiPhong and crossing the river from one bank of Sufferings, jumping into Prajna and arriving to the other side of Prajna-Paramita Worthy Existence, we see many dedicated buddhists - each (defined as one exploring the KhaiPhong) on his/her own way to explore the nature of one's Consciousness - have been working on their current issues in the long past and may possibly have a glimpse of possible solutions of the issues. Due to complex Dependent Nature of existence, one's dominant interest, success or failure, must come from somewhere that through Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm)[D12] one can recover the past experience, like Gotama recovering his past experience as a child that changed his outlook for an outcome of the Fourfold Truth.

Linking these efforts together via invisible / helping hand of Normative Economics (allocating scare resources to What Counts[R23]), one can leverage efforts and solutions from others while adding one's unique 'sauce' to make the solution more practical and enjoyable, rather than always starting from square one, ignorantly pulled and pushed by organised religions to totally abandon one's Buddha Nature or True Heart. Accessing to the Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) and Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định)[D13], one can build required infrastructure in the Right Effort as we are doing for a Business Project of any size and a Personal Development HR system that many can value-add their specialised domains as sustainable economic activities that may last beyond their life times. If things happened we will equalise the playing fields for all, the Haves Stakeholders and HaveNots.

In this continuous process of [ Right Effort >< Right Mindfulness >< Right Inner Peace ], worthy relationships in one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles are critical not only for the success of the Project in this life time, but also the karmic binding forces in future Space-Time required relationships for the involved parties' evolution. For example, in 'The Quarrel At Kosambi'[D45] one would wonder a proper positioning among the Buddha, the Budh Dharma, and the Buddhism born from Buddhist Sangha. Since we are living in a conflicting world and due to the Dependent Nature, Gotama should describe his inner process to dissolve the outer conflicts from the Inner Peace, typical in an answer from Bodhidharma[D35].

To sum up, the Universal (Moral) Value is now statistically measurable to be discovered and shared in Making Life Easier and Happier. It is not [ divisional / conflicting "Moral Value" ] derived either from any ism or organised religion, cheating humanity by criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] for group benefits in making very unworthy living. For a Buddhist, you can create part of your PrajnaLand and monitor your Right Understanding and Right Motivation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to wipe out all cheated monks and nuns, intentionally sabotaging Gotama's discoveries up until 2017. When Vertical Switches are introduced you are their testers and participants to help the "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" in innumerable specialised cases. You are in part discover and in part create the Real You[R10], the Wise tame themselves (Dhammapala verse 80 - attanam damayanti pandita).

In doing so, you gradually build your private persona graph to train the AI custom to your uniqueness and most relevant at any time and place. In our open-source design system, you have your own database and own the generated data which are shared only what you want to share for community research in detecting the Right Understanding and Right Motivation of important issues, relevant to you and humanity. The equalisation processes involve open-source (1) data with minimum restriction to assure flexibility of your own data structures while making the data unbounded expanding and useful to others, (2) presentation where one service can be automatically connected to other services by the system, (3) distributed graph technology for AI, (4) core container-based services where everyone can value add, riding on industry standards and other value-adds.

4. Implementation Augmented by Artificial Intelligence

Once the scientific and moral foundations of Oneness have been integrated via connecting the dots - contributed by dedicated explorers from both human and higher realms - its implementation is straight forward to make everyone an Agent of Changes, turning epistemic objectives (biology, compassion, wisdom) of Latin humanitas into daily actualities to solidify Human Rights toward Higher Consciousness. Every one can do something for one's Compassion and [ Prajna / Wisdom / Conscience / Oneness ] to be part of the community KhaiPhong.

Referring to the four sudden awakens shared by a student in our group (1) when he was a growing child, (2) when he put Right Effort in his selected professions, (3) when he married and raised a family, (4) when he played a father role, the engaged events are continuously changing and differently conditioned due to changing [ driving forces / attitudes ] of involved participants, changing economic and social make-ups of the surroundings, etc. There are innumerable activities, plans and relationships in these events. Without "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" in a conscious living of What, How, and When to act (or not to act / wei-wu-wei) all of one's efforts turn into vain, causing sufferings / unhappy for one and others, no matter how much "money" one can make and what "power" one can secure. That fundamental Issue called Dukkha - applicable to all people in all walks of life from all countries and beyond - has been raised up by Gotama 2500+ years ago in his search for a real solution of existence.

Gotama succinctly presented his claimed discoveries in the first and second discourses - namely the Eightfold Path and Not-Self - to kick-start the establishment of Buddhist Sangha for spreading the solution. The solution practicality is stated in his advice "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them and by [ Prajna / Wisdom ], they are dissolved"[D22] to be statistically tested and verified as epistemic objectives. Thousand+ years later, HuiNeng significantly value-added from different angle looking at the core of Gotama's transcendental solution[D26] with Samadhi-Prajna[R5] where Samadhi is the Quintessence of Prajna [for Right Understanding], while Prajna is the activity of Samadhi [for Right Motivation]".

Just like Gotama standing on his proposed solution in actual living for 45+ years, HuiNeng demonstrated his Samadhi - the utter silence of all inner noises - to see Thing-As-it-is for a Right Understanding, and Prajna - a wisdom to identify one's strategic position for a Right Effort, directing the currently engaged event toward What Count[R23]. Gotama's advice[D22] and HuiNeng demonstrable Samadhi-Prajna turn out to be trainable in Artificial Intelligence of Deep Learning, statistically measurable and testable with current scientific knowledge, and most importantly scientifically cultivable due to significant discovery of KhaiPhong Technology of underlying natural laws to directly access different depths of Right Samadhi (Inner peace) to activate the Natural Purification[D27] in purifying one's tainted senses for clearer view of Thing-As-It-Is.

Via Natural Purification[D29], [D30] - cultivable from KhaiPhong Technology - any Breakthrough in the Right Understanding and Right Motivation coming from Samadhi-Prajna can be documented with its outcome(s) and optimal required conditions for further testing. The Natural Purification[D27] together with Deep Learning from hard data via statistical and mathematical optimisations are combined for deeper and wider applications in Making Life Easier and Happier, putting people as centres of all activities and relationships from people, by people and for people known by Trần Hưng Đạo[R7.4] to enable all acting as a single entity - humanity - for common cause. The Right Understanding and Right Motivation of important events - such as those shared by a student in our group as (1) A growing child, (2) Right Effort in one's selected profession, (3) Marriage, (4) Parenting, etc - can be considered as the community implementations of Gotama's Eightfold Path to actually verify his assertion "karma flows as a stream; whatever the streams it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them and by [Prajna / Wisdom], they are dissolved"[D22].

The darkness in entire history of humanity - foiled at the esoteric levels in their critical time known as the degenerated Illuminati New World Order - will be dispelled with the light of [ Prajna / Wisdom ] of Right Understanding and Right Motivation of Thing-As-It-Is and one's strategic position toward What Count. Our three-prong approach - applicable to the Haves, HaveNots, and Stakeholders - rides on the innate "Kingdom of God from Within" or "Buddha Nature" capable to know the Right and Wrong relevant to one's present moment once the tainted senses are at utter Silence for the manifestation of Prajna. This natural technology will effortlessly and invisibly pull all the selected slaves of the esoteric dark forces to the right direction via Value of the values in one's continuity of the consciousness to properly use accumulated resources and worldly powers under their control to benefit them and the surroundings toward What Count.

The implementation embraces both tools and facilities to be more and more wider and deeper concerning all aspects of living, Making Life Easier and Happier. Its three corner stones are:

  1. Simplicity of the "lego" system where a service can build on top of other services so almost everyone can be a part of "unique value-add" from any angle.

  2. Security in accumulated inner circle of the circles where everyone is both a consumer and producer to change both consumption and production patterns.

  3. Built from Open Sources and contributed back to open sources specializations in cultivable Normative Intelligent, enabling people centres of all activities and relationships.

Sustainable opportunities are better than ever since (1) technical risk is at the minimum while what required for well orchestrated concrete unique services are readily available and Free as trees in a forest, (2) cost of an initial plash from well-crafted independent units is still reasonable, having no possible competition in cultivable Normative Intelligence to change humanity toward Higher Consciousness, injecting Happiness in all daily activities for [ both the Have the Stakeholders and HaveNot ].

The "lego" system is mature enough with reasonable (open source) minimum rules to enable (1) independent design of user interface of each microservice (MuHub), (2) independent design of the service data structures (such as PouchDB and CouchDB per user/service) where major heavy liftings are open sources and available services (BudhGraph) so you just concentrate on your unique value-add, (3) business intelligence (BI), competitive intelligence (CI) and artificial intelligence (BudhAI) are parts of services, (4) commercialization (OmHub) is just one deployment away. For example, technology behind Google Keep is well-known where each service is responsible only for its internal routing while application like Mu will route the demanded services. Flexible database where you can have your own data structure where you can use all or just a selected layer with assurance that the database is scalable, fit for functional programming of a complexity system[R24], with or without time-series for modeling and simulation.

Security is a major concern in this "open world" where faked news and networks of intelligence and counter-intelligence are everywhere. Riding on well-proven internet DNS (Domain Name Service) you can duplicate your circle of inner circles down to how many layers as you currently have. To further facilitate the Good Forces in hand-on training to know more about oneself and the environments one a part, Club+ is our planned facility to make happened Global Services Local Presence where international trades and relations of [ 1 + 1 > 2 ] privately and informally happened.

Open Sources are fertile grounds to enforce One is only a part of the Whole and [ harmonious / transparent / accountable ] fields to observe the dynamic invisible hands of human rights in action to change the world to higher consciousness. Once the initial plash of required tools and facilities happened with flexible BudhGraph and BudhAI - Artificial Intelligence unit - we will convert our past technologies to the new systems of microservices: (1) Executive Information Portal - sponsored by Canadian Oil and Gas companies in early 2000's - to make private [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] affordable at the lowest entry level, (2) Open Government collected data on flexible BudhGraph combined with custom Balanced Score Card becoming a flood gate of innumerable applications Making Life Easier and Happier where community Values and Cultures are parts of productions and consumption, (3) Collected statistical data on both the trends (time-series) and structural changes (Leontief input-output model) at national, regional and community levels instantly available to enable deep analysis from economic analysts in responding to rapid changes, (4) Converging technologies between time-series and input-output table pioneered by Canadian CANDIDE (Canadian Disaggregated Integrated Distributed Economic) model (Economic Council of Canada in 1970s) and Alberta IDEAL (Alberta Distributed Economic Activity Long term) model (Teconomics in 1980s) combined with modern Graph technologies of Big Data for detecting time-series, structural and relationship changes becoming more relevant than ever, absolutely required for approval of major long term project.

Our Mindful Communications and Collaborations - having four core services whose technologies are open sources: MuHub (web services), BudhGraph (activities and relationships services), BudhAI (AI services), and OmHub (infrastructure services) - are intended to fill this 2500+ years of gap, showing:

  1. How Buddhist "Mindfulness" can be effective if and only if the quality of practitioner can be raised to Gotama's "minimum qualified level of Mindfulness[D29]". This is contrary to the current blah blah blah of Buddhist Sangha from those not even passing the gateway-to-oneness. Please read honest - mostly from westerners - evaluations of Buddhist Mindfulness from many practitioners dedicated their lives in the past 50 years to see the cul-de-sac or the "Blinds touching Elephant" of Buddhist duality[D19], [D24].

    See for yourself how Gotama's discoveries of the "Oneness and Diversities together with empirical verifications from "Relative Truth" to "Ultimate (Wider) Truth"" at different depths of "Insight into the Emptiness[D26]" as the solution to identified Dukkha (dukkha-dukkha, viparinama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha) in Actual Living, sabotaged by his own Buddhist Sangha through esoteric influences to perpetuate the masters-slaves relationships[R13.1]. It is much easier to drive other discoveries without having sufficient time and resources to further develop into a solid foundation based on Thing-As-It-Is Natural Laws such as those from Jesus in his "Parable of the Good Samaritan"[R16]. The outcome is a Christ Hoax from the criminal Roman Catholic Church[R18.3] using the "Binding Word/Image" then - by different esoteric group - to Islam with even more abstract "Clinging Thought".

    Since duality is always at the conflicts of changes and conditioned, esoteric dark forces after messing their own realms driven by Greed attempted to drive humanity toward a New World Order (NWO) with one bank, one military force, and one religion in imposing their ignorance on others as they successfully accomplished via organized religions. Their plots have been foiled and all involved parties have their consequences according to Natural Laws of Action-Reaction and Like-attract-Likes. The solution is now achievable - unifying all organized religions - and at the right time by discovering natural laws in implementing the right process in Purification of the Senses known by living students as evidenced in this book and in the way we push / pull world opinion toward scientific verifiable processes.

  2. How to extend it to Gotama's "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" from his Eightfold Path in solving complex global issues. The potentialities are there and the cultivation process must be outside-the-box in Patch C of Figure 2 via Samadhi-Prajna revealed 1000+ years ago by HuiNeng. This razor-sharp required qualities of "Right Understanding and Right Motivation" in the "Prajna" division of the Eightfold Path for a "Right Effort" shows (1) the relevant of HuiNeng's dynamic Samadhi-Prajna rather than the gradual process of Gotama's Mindfulness-Prajna, (2) the jumping from any Plane of Truth perpendicular at the duality plane at the point of conflicting manifestation to another Plane of Truth high above the new conflicting manifestation due to the injection of volition of all involved parties[R7], (3) the possibility of Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei moving among conflicting Duality with cultivable Detachment-Born - No Obstruction from Manifestation and Emptiness / Hửu Không Vô Ngại[D34] - to answer the challenge that "God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] not in the world is the false God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] and the World not in God [Dharmakaya / Allah / Pháp-Thân] is unreality[R6]".

  3. How to focus the qualified mindfulness to implement Gotama's advice in Ajita's questions[D22] - "Whatever the streams [binding clinging forces] are in the World, it is Mindfulness that obstructs and restricts them, and by Prajna, they are dissolved - which if scientifically implemented will effortlessly reduce unnecessary sufferings for many. The discoveries have been veiled by professional scam artists[R18.4] for so long.

  4. How to turn 'The Art of War' in balancing conflicting driving forces in life into a practical tool in one's important activities to know more about oneself and the direction one is heading as presented by Bodhidharma in his "Jue Guan Lun / TUYỆT QUÁN LUẬN[D35]" of Thing-As-It-Is Dukkha.

The entanglements are complex, but with Right Inner Peace whose outcomes are both 'Purification of the Senses' (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind) at different depths of Right Mindfulness and 'Dissolving dominant karmic hurdles' for better Qualities of the Present Living, one can start the 'disentangle' of the 'entanglements' right Now at the present Moment. They are measurable levels, just like academic measurable levels of after graduation passing the required Detachment. Since each person has innumerable different issues, the scientific processes and qualifications to personally know the processes as Equanimity and Purity Mind are what we need as qualified Budh Counsellors for helping many others while making the Science of Consciousness sustainable. It is an actual deliverable benefit in helping One and the Communities one a part.

The same process is applied to other 'Clinging Forces' using different conditioned environments for specialized targets. Here is a new frontier to be significantly contributed by Professionals having personal experience with Prajna to shed light on their services from new angles. Prajna (Wisdom) is the innovative Source to drive all activities toward a Right Direction according to Natural Laws. The technology of accessing Higher Consciousness demonstrates the power of Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) for Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) in purification of the senses, enabling the senses naturally separated from 'Impurities' without any conflict or will power for seeing 'Thing As It Is'. All kinds of impurity - dust in HuiNeng well-known contest - can be dissolved in the ever 'Sunyata Nothingness but Wonderful' seventh observable attribute of Right Inner Peace for the manifestation of Prajna to drive the 'Volition - Sankhara' toward a Right Action of the Present Moment.

It is the power of 'Equanimity' from Right Inner Peace to loosen the Grips of 'Binding Word' and 'Purity' to separate 'Clinging Thought' from all senses, naturally drop associated emotions when an action is completed. 'Binding Word' and 'Clinging Thought' are entangled in one's Physical and Mental States, theoretically explained in the seventh Consciousness of Vasubandhu. They are parts of one's Grasp-er and the Grasped in the master-slave relationships rather than the Right Relationship of 'One a part of the Whole - the Whole in One' in 'Sharing Happiness - Mitigating Sufferings'. It is the quality of HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity) to manifest one's hidden valuable attributes [ ComPassion, Detachment-Born, HonNhien, and Prajna ] according to Natural Laws. Everyone can use the technologies to explore Deliverable Solutions for the present Unsatisfied (Dukkha-Dukkha).

At the personal level, Right Mindfulness disentangles the entanglements and dissolves (due to its internal energy of Prajna) dominant karmic force, while at the aggregate ecosystem, the group Right Mindfulness sheds lights from different angles of expertise on the Issue and the Strategy at the aggregate point of interests. To see the evolving event in "Thing-As-It-Is" and appropriate strategy at any point in time, the mathematical representation of the evolving event on the duality plane and its [ Gateway-to-Oneness / Source ] in a perpendicular plane of TRUTH indicates that the higher/deeper we can reach the clearer and simpler we can push the event toward our "right" direction. There is a one-to-one mapping between aggregate Persona and personal Persona, both in terms of the driving forces and the feedback impersonally recorded by the corresponding digital Persona to augment the Learning and Doings: Detachment - Pragmatic, Beyond-Thought at the Issue - Detecting structural and emergent attributes, No-Mark on one's Substance - Feedback of lessons learned, Accumulated Right Inner Peace - Accumulated Knowledge on the subject.

'Spreading the Dharma in large scale', we identify and deliver Natural Attributes of the Right Effort having [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] of real time hard evidences for Clarity in Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) and Insight in Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) of one's Mindful Communications and Collaborations. We wish to democratize KhaiPhong with the two Simplest Attributes but most significant findings in Budh Dharma: Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) to see 'Thing As It Is' having Detachment (Vô Trụ) and Prajna (Bát Nhã) manifested in required appropriate Action / Inaction of all Efforts. When the Right Mindfulness is extending to the Dependent Nature of One and the environments to embrace the environments as an extension of one's vibrant Living Organism, the same principles - namely Alertness and Awareness - are applicable to help democratising all relationships into Right Relationships: family, club / community, profession / company, entertainment / public.

Unlike many unfounded claims from all organised religions, the Budh Dharma is the description of Natural Laws which we aspire to make them into a formal Science of Consciousness, consistent through out and waiting for further discovery for the benefits of One and Others, just like math taught in elementary level consistent with and required for math at higher levels. In that sense, there is no difference between the classified Theravada and Mahayana. They are the descriptions of natural laws to be empirically verified according to the Science of Consciousness at different angles applicable at different conditioned existences that one is exposed in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

For example, the Fourfold Truth is required ingredient of the Supreme Koan to start right at the Present Moment of real Pains, bounded by Words and Thoughts, leveraging thousands years of one's evolution to directly access one's Prajna division of the Eightfold Path via Instinct, Conscience and True Heart for a Right Understanding and Motivation to Change the Present Conditions, going beyond all conditioned boundaries touching Prajna-Paramita described in the Heart Sutra[R2]: 'in Sunyata there is not ... fourfold truth', just Thing As It Is in actual Living. It is a 'Knowing As It Is' and 'Doing something about It', not at the confused thought and shying away from Actuality that directly affects one's well-being.

Similarly, Prajna (deep rooted in Sunyata) is Not at the thought level of rejecting all Grasp-er and the Grasped as explained at thought level of the Heart Sutra by many "blinds touching elephant", but an actual Right Action / Inaction (to do something about it) as observable outcome from the Clarity of Seeing "Thing-As-It-Is" of both the Grasp-er and the Grasped, having an Insight of the current state of observation with something beyond all conditioned boxes in a wider perspective of one's existence. It is "Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei" thanks to Prajna high above conflicting duality for Right Understanding and Right Motivation. In that direct experiencing in the manifestation of Prajna at the signed post of Sunyata Nothingness, one will testify the assertion of Heart Sutra[R2] (Supreme Koan) that in Sunyata (Gambhiram Prajnaparamitacaryam - Flowing Depth of the Prajnaparamita), there is Not dukkha-samudaya-nirodha-marga (fourfold truth), similar to No Gravity in Vacuum.

Here we talk about outside the box of conditioned existence to directly know beyond thought (1) Cosmic Consciousness (described by Gotama as Infinite Space, Infinite Consciousness) and (2) Unity (described by Gotama as Nothingness, Neither perception nor non perception, Nirvana). There is no thought in Cosmic Consciousness and beyond. If there is No Thought, what make you know it is Infinite Space, Infinite Consciousness, Nothingness, the end of Dukkha. To go beyond Nirvana, there must be an Awareness in the Prajnaparamita to be aware of the Unmoving Sunyata (Nirvana) then Beyond. Mathematically, it is represented as a set C that includes both the Observed and Observer circles of Figure 2. It is the Ultimate (Wider) Truth in Madhyamaka[D38], the Perfected Nature in Consciousness-Only[D39], 'the kingdom of God within you'[Luke 17:21] called in modern terms as Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Unity that through the Sound / Light and Consciousness technologies, most people can easily access without spending thousands years in the energy at Intensity of Attention point.

That Intensity of Attention point as discovered by Krishnamurti is the focused point of 'Intent' for directed energy toward one's target. The awareness of body and mind via Buddhist Samatha and Vipassana has not delivered - up to 2017 - an Insight into the Emptiness since most claimed Buddhist teachers and meditation masters[D19] have not passed the Gateway-to-Oneness. It is much easier via martial arts to be aware of correct forms of body movements and the "intent" to direct internal energy in observable energetic movement. The deliverable outcome of martial arts in using mind at different signed posts of measurable Emptiness to direct energy toward an observable manifestation - reaching Effortless Right Action / Wei-Wu-Wei[R11] - proves that (1) there exists scientifically reproducible / teachable natural laws working at both physical and mental levels known by "Beyond-Thought Awareness" to be discovered, (2) it is "Beyond Thought" since untrained students cannot use the mind to direct energy flow, (3) all meditations / reflections at thought level of Emptiness, Nagarjuna Relative Truth / Ultimate (Wider) Truth, Asanga Perfected Nature / Dependent Nature / Imaginary Nature, Allah / Christ / Pure Land / Vajrayana / Tantra teaching at word/image and thought levels of Love / Compassion / Bodhicitta - driven by criminals[R18.3] and professional scam artists[R18.4] - are useless since a conditioned duality cannot see other conditioned duality As-It-Is, (4) there is an urgent need of discovered natural laws moving from conflicting duality - having partial solutions in law and order, research institutes, recorded hard evidences of measurable indicators, big-data analytics, forecasting, modeling and simulation - to Prajna / Oneness / Kingdom-of-God from Within, high above the plane of duality to have correct Pulse of the situation and its strategic solution in combating the "Degeneration of Moral Values" failed by all isms and organised religions at duality conflicting levels. These lasting values are partially discovered by dedicated explorers such as Gotama, Jesus, Bodhidharma, HuiNeng, etc.

Technically, there is no such thing as Hindu Consciousness, Buddhist Consciousness, Christian Consciousness, Muslim Consciousness; but there are Hindu / Buddhist / Christian / Muslim conditions. The word 'religion' is only an aggregate name like a car whose functionality comes from its parts. Can we strip the aggregate name that has caused so much sufferings in religious divisions and let the functional parts float up to prove their practical values in Present Living. We say 'Yes' with the real contributions from the above four organized religions if one has enough courage to drop the 'False' and see the benefits of the 'True'. True education toward an integrated living Whole is the key that Krishnamurti devoted his life time to spread out this message.

In building an organisation to sustain the AwakeningBudh Movement, many instructions coming from Gotama were purely logical at thought level without any fragrance from something beyond word and thought (probably for the level of his audience) that thanks to the Actual Experience beyond Word and Thought as a child he dropped the 6 years of hard practices via conflicting forces. Typical examples are:

  1. Mindfulness of breathing (anapanasati)[D24] at thought level stuck by many monks in thousands of years

  2. The direct link between the Eightfold Path and the links of causes and effects to 'do something about Sufferings' enable Budh Dharma well connected just like math at elementary school fully consistent and required for math at higher levels

  3. The 'Why' and the 'How' of the third truth - cessation of Dukkha - not the assertion at word level to let monks turn the natural laws discovered in Budh Dharma into a utopia (Nirvana and Parinirvana) at word level

  4. The circular process between the Fourfold Truth (as a Supreme Koan) and the Verifiable Emptiness[D26] in the dialogue with Subhuti (Diamond Sutra)[R7] which has been later further developed into Prajna-Paramitas summarized in the Heart Sutra[R2] (Prajna Paramita Hridaya), to start from Actuality of Real Pains in experiencing deeper aspects of Flowing Prajna (gambhiram prajnaparamitacaryam) of the Present Moment.

The above four issues are satisfactorily resolved and the circular process between the Dependent Nature of the Supreme Koan (Fourfold Truth) where Prajna is the first division of the fourth Truth (Eightfold Path) with its visible manifestation deep rooted in Sunyata. It is a contribution of KhaiPhong, not yet stated anywhere in Buddhist texts, to unify and actualise the Nagarjuna's two Truths (Ultimate/Wider and Conventional)[D38] into Actual Living of the Present Moment (observable / measurable / testable), having the infusion of something outside conditioned boxes (Perfected Nature[D39]) of involved subjective and objective worlds. The solution connects the Fourfold Truth where the first division of the Path Prajna is contrasted with Ignorance (Avijja) to drive the Volition Freewill / Sankhara toward opposite direction (Becoming - Bhava) of Sufferings toward the Purity-Tranquillity of Worthy Existence (Table 2). It fulfils the requirements of Right Understanding and Right Motivation at the best position one is currently at in the Change Dynamics of Leaning and Doing in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

In that causes-and-effects system, Sankhara / Volition / Freewill plays an important role at the instantaneous moment of the Present Moment to merge three meanings of Dukkha (dukkha-dukkha, viparinama-dukkha, sankhara-dukkha) into Nirvana (cessation of Dukkha) to collapse all Four Seals of Consciousness formulated by Gotama into an Unmoving Sunyata as asserted by HuiNeng in his self-introduction: Which moves, the Wind, the Flag or your Mind?

Under KhaiPhong Technology, the actuality (solution) is much simpler and accessible to most people relevant to one's Present Moment via Kindness Samaritan having Empathy to naturally move deeper into [ ComPassion - Prajna ] at any instant moment of all activities where different depths of Detachment / Vô Trụ and HonNhien (Natural, Unaffected, Spontaneous, Purity) can be visibly observed to know what one needs to do for one's Worthy Existence; at the moment of Unmoving Sunyata, Awareness of Prajna is at its instantaneous Paramita high on the Truth plane of the event.

It adds to Quantum Mechanics the subjective dimension of all involved parties having a sense of an agent that drive the Volitional Formation (Sankhara) in Change Dynamics of the Present Moment plus something outside the boxes of current Space-Time dimension projected into the fifth dimension in the probability of the outcome. The subjective dimension added to Quantum Mechanics (the 'Who' and the 'What' to make the potentiality of the event happened) involves the inter-realm Dependent Nature of connected worlds. It is the "Normative Economics", the allocation of scare resources to What Count[R23] - from micro economics to affect macro economics.

This is commonly known as 'Vision - Oracle' that the depth of one's Prajna can manifest with or without the assistance of entities in different realms having much longer life span than human form, hence wider perspective of the Vision. It is not a theoretical proposition, but an actual fact proven by the founder of Vietnamese Lý Dynasty (Lý Công Uẩn - a student in the AwakeningBudh) in his decision to move the Vietnamese capital to current day Hà Nội.

To spread the Dharma coming out from this circular flow in large scale (Pháp Vũ từ Thành Đạo), we modernize Buddhist [ Right Effort >< Right Mindfulness >< Right Inner Peace ] into a circular process where Right Effort from statistically measurable Detachment - in reaching different signed posts - is applied in instantaneous Change Dynamics that everyone can use and share with one's Inner Circle and circles of inner circles in one's Continuity of the Consciousness.

This circular process starts from Right Understanding of What most important to you driven by this Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm). This is the Project to be driven by formal tools of Right Effort having objective hard evidences from [ Plan >< Execution >< Feedback ] in the Change Dynamics of both Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) and Right Effort. The cultivation of Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định) makes the Right Effort more enjoyable with the re-born and rejuvenation of the wears and tears (stresses) of the Right Effort, while expanding the ComPassion space for a wider perspective of Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm). It is also a frontier in functional programming to model the identity and its state whose observed snap shot of Change Dynamics due to market forces can be both actual and predicted in the relevant future for the agent micro decisions which affect the macro market conditions.

An educational program - Institute of KhaiPhong and KhaiPhong Institute of specialised treatments - to explore the Science of Consciousness needs to be established to introduce the deepening of established KhaiPhong Sound / Light and Consciousness technologies, enabling wider casual participants and available supporting qualified counsellors direct experience of observable attributes of Right Inner Peace to close the gaps between one's Realities and Actualities, hence reducing stresses and unnecessary Sufferings of the Present Living. It is the partnership between academia and business in [ Heart >< Mind >< Sweat / Capital ] intended as a Hub where technologies from [ Samadhi-Prajna / Relative Truth - Ultimate (Wider) Truth / Perfected Nature - Dependent Nature ] are researched and implemented in all fields of human endeavours.

That educational program such as at Equanimity and Purity Higher Consciousness is different in standard educational system of within-the-box established knowledge. It requires both technology know-how at theoretical and practical (intelligent - Trí Tuệ) level but also Prajna (Wisdom - Trí Huệ) which is the Source. Without connecting to the Source of ComPassion (such as addicted Grasper / Grasped of everything), Prajna will be lost. The manifestation from the source can be detected from one's thesis which is one's contribution back to the community. Unlike technical knowledge, the Prajna can be lost due to Ignorance. A transparent and accountable governing board plays a visible role to sustain the process.

Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) is a 'Right Thing to do' tool in sensing the Sweet Spot to enable one continuously monitor the pulses of Actuality ("Thing As It Is") to adjust Reality (what one sees) via Right Effort of the Why, How, and What. The foundation of the Right Mindfulness (Chánh Niệm) has been established 2500+ years ago by Gotama. Due to the upside down in 2500+ years of Buddhist Sangha, there exists Wrong Division between the Essence of Inner Exploration in Budh Dharma with required external organisations plus infrastructures. The wrong organisation was based on Seniority having no Performance Review and messy infrastructures to enforce the Verifiable Qualities. The Budh Dharma has been veiled by saboteurs from within the organisation despite tremendous efforts of Buddhists, defined as ones exploring KhaiPhong having long karmic force with Buddhist Sangha.

To solidify this stand, we formulate the Why, How, and What for Righteous Buddhists inside and outside of the Sangha to assess their Inner Circles. If the time is Right, we will deliver answers and practical solutions for the following 3 questions.

  1. The "Why" is established in the First Truth of Real Pains (Dukkha) or one's Inner Quest with the cure asserted in the Third Truth and proposed solution in the Fourth Truth. There is a direction toward Purity-Tranquility of a Worthy Existence from the current Abyss of Sufferings. "Dependent Nature" is the foundation to understand this 'Why'. So, where is the Dependent Origination (Second Truth) connecting the First Truth with the Third Truth and the Fourth Truth to transform current Pains into Purity-Tranquility of a Worthy Existence?

    This is the "Supreme Koan[R2]" suggested to Buddhists wishing to explore the Innate Budh to personally experience what Gotama has gone through under the Bodhi Tree 2500+ years ago.

  2. The "How" has been formulated as a challenge for all buddhists to have their contributions and value-adds in solving their real Pains, not Imaginary Liberation and Freedom. HuiNeng, in a test to get the Buddha robe to Signify an Unbroken Lineage, addressed the Real Pains (or dusts of all kinds of conflicts, uncontrollable urges, fears, phobias, destructive and sexual desires, unsatisfied, not-at-home, etc.) with an assertion 'where can the dust alight?'

    We will deliver the solutions of this 'How' in Actual Living, named KhaiPhong (Vô Tướng, Vô Vết, Vô Trụ, Bát Nhã) of the Present Moment.

  3. The "What" according to each dedicated Buddhist is the sweet spot of 'the Right Thing to do' or the 'Why', the 'Right Way to do' or the 'How' at Present Moment. Here are seven (7) principles one can apply to all organizations, making them an extension of one's vibrant Living Organism: (1) Dependent Nature, (2) Transparency, (2) Accountability, (4) Modern Technology, (5) Invisible / Helping Hand of Economics, (6) Best Governance, (7) Lasting Values according to Natural Laws. They are parts of one's 'Unique Comparative Advantages' or the 'What' of sustainable service/product the person provides. The Crown of this What is the 'Unmoving Sunyata or momentary Nirvana' and possibly Beyond in Prajnaparamita. This 'What' has been contributed and explored by many in the AwakeningBudh: Gotama's Right Inner Peace (Chánh Định), Prajna, Sunyata and Not (Verifiable Emptiness) drawn from Nagarjuna Madhyamaka, Asanga/Vasubandhu Consciousness-Only, Heart Sutra, etc.

At the aggregate level, the 'Why' is connected to its ecosystem with sustainable Created Values, the 'How' is the Freshness to manage the pulses of the business, the 'What' is the organization Sweet Spot of its sustainable Values.